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Published by CR1MS4NE on Tue, 02/09/2021 - 00:43
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Welcome to another mod! Creative Additions is a mod that aims to make building in Creative mode easier. It offers a number of tools that make building easier and more free of distraction. Here's the list:


  • Stone Enhancer - Use this to spice up caves by randomly replacing blocks with stone, cobblestone, or mossy cobblestone.
  • Grass Enhancer - Use this tool to make fancy grass areas by randomly replacing blocks with grass, grass paths, or coarse dirt.
  • Mossball* - Use this to add some age to a stone build by adding moss to Cobblestone and Stone Bricks, as well as their slab, stair, and wall variants.
  • Hammer - Use this to spice up stone builds by cracking Stone Bricks.
  • Ghost Orb - Use this to quickly enter Spectator mode.
  • Block Swapper - Change your mind about a block you wanted to use? Just hold the new block in your offhand and use the block swapper to replace what you need.
  • Grass Remover - Use this to easily remove any annoying grass or tall grass in the area.
  • Speed Stick - Hold this to instantly boost regen speed, saturation, and running speed.
  • Mob Killer - Use this block to instantly kill all mobs of your choice. Just type the name of the mob you want to kill into its GUI, e.g. "slime".
  • The Excavator - Use this special pickaxe to instantly mine a large area around yourself.
  • Weather Adjuster - Use this tool for a quick solution to weather or daylight problems without having to constantly type in "/time set day" or "/weather clear".
  • Quick Spawn - Lose your spawnpoint? No problem, just use this to instantly teleport back.
  • The Floatinator - Use this to instantly transport a chunk of earth into the air for convenient floating islands.
  • InvisiBright - Use this to add convenient invisible light sources to a build for good screenshots. Comes in all 15 luminance settings. Place a block on it to remove it.
  • Sword of Exact Zero - Mobs getting into your build? Use the Sword of Exact Zero to instantly kill them.
  • Cloud - Simple cloud-like block that does not generate naturally. Use it for sky builds!
  • Raincloud - Use this Cloud variant to produce water droplets for sky builds or other things.
  • Light Cloud - Use this translucent cloud for stationary cloud or mist groups.

*Can be obtained in survival.

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creative_additions_1.0.jar - Creative Additions 1.16 DownloadUploaded on: 02/09/2021 - 00:58   File size: 271.28 KB

the quick spawn kinda seems useful only for survival so that should be obtained in survival (it might be and i'm dumb but it doesn't say that it can be), and the clouds and hammer could probably be obtainable in survival as well, but other than those few things i like this mod!

ah yes true quick spawn is extremely powerful, but as i said it only makes sense to be accessible in survival because you really don't need it in creative you can just /kill yourself back to your spawn. although it should probably be netherite tier because of how powerful it is