Paragon Currency

Published by Suddz on Mon, 04/12/2021 - 10:57
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Welcome to Paragon Currency!

Video for the mod:


What is Paragon Currency?

This is a currency mod that fit into a fantasy styled world that allows you to store very high values of currency in your inventory!


What does Paragon Currency do?

This mod has a feature called "Coin Manager" which allow you to add or subtract your currency wherever you are

by opening up the new Coin Manager menu with V or B.

If you for some reason can't use keybindinds the mod includes the Coin Manager as an item that you rightclick to open.

Most currency mods require a crafting menu or a station to add or subtract coins so it becomes very tedious to

take out for example 2 Gold Coins from 20 Silver Coins. Paragon Currency fixes that!


Custom NPCs

I first started this mod because i needed a currency mod that would fit into my fantasy styled custom map with Custom NPCs.

There was not allot of options and most options was for the wrong version as well.

So i created this mod designed with Custom NPCs in mind.


How can i stack the coins above 50?

This mod was also designed with StackUp, the setup is a bit more advance but it's explaned very well on the StackUp page.


Paragon Currency config for StackUp:

Name the file: currency.stackup

Feel free to change the values.

Remember that higher values may cause problems!

id="projectparagon:iron_coin" -> 1000000
id="projectparagon:silver_coin" -> 1000000
id="projectparagon:gold_coin" -> 1000000
id="projectparagon:coin_satchel" -> 100000
id="projectparagon:filled_coin_satchel" -> 100000
id="projectparagon:large_coin_satchel" -> 100000
id="projectparagon:filled_large_coin_satchel" -> 100000
id="projectparagon:coin_satchel_bundle" -> 10000
id="projectparagon:filled_coin_satchel_bundle" -> 1000


Notice: You can of course use this mod without StackUp but it will be more inconvenient.

Warning: Using "Empty Satchel" without StackUp will most likely fill your inventory and drop all other coins on the ground!


Thank you and please enjoy my mod!


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This is the best currency mod I ever found but, who post this mod to Curseforge Is it you Suddz?