PixelArt Blocks Mod | Resurrected

Published by M4ttix on Mon, 05/16/2016 - 19:20
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Hi guys.

I'm finally back after my long absence on MCreator.

To celebrate my big return i reloaded this Mod in a new Version (1.2.2).

Hope you will enjoy it.



  • Reloaded the Mod on MCreator
  • Added a new color (Light Blue)
  • Fixed some missing Texture
  • Rimodeled some blocks Texture making the color more bright


  • The Mod will change version to 1.3
  • More colored blocks
  • Working on a "brush" for paint Pixel Art Blocks



  • Enter my Telegram Channel: t.me/HydreCrew

Release type
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version

"If you have multiple versions of mods, don't make a new mod page for each version, even if the mod is for different versions of Minecraft. In such case, select the highest supported version of Minecraft as the version mod supports."

I agree with your idea , and I respect it , but I prefer not to take them into different messing up your downloads.
Anyway thanks for the idea! <3

@#3.1.1 No, sorry but this is my mod.
abandoning this is like giving a job already done to someone else , it's like a daughter to me ..

It's my first mod that i even create..

Again, sorry