Fred's Sprays

Published by FredLeon on Fri, 01/10/2020 - 17:20
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Hi and welcome to Fred's Sprays , this mod is about Sprays, what are Sprays?

Sprays are Images or patterns you can put on walls or floors using Spray cans.

Mod Contents

31 Sprays (3 are Animated)

4 Items

1 Block


Starting in this mod is pretty Easy, the first thing you'll need to do is craft some spray cans.

Spray can Crafting

Then you can craft the Spray book, a manual that contains all necessary info about the mod.



There are Sprays about other Mcreator Users, if you want to have your own Spray in my mod just leave a comment in the mod's forum post.

I may add some more sprays in the furute.


Have a great day


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Mod published

  • 31 Sprays
  • 4 Items
  • 1 Block

this is a fantastic mod and I love it. I hope more Sprays to see in the future I love so mods.

Hi Fred
I like The Mod And Me And My Best Friend Gonna Roleplay as A Gangster in Minecraft i hope we enjoy your mod :D

Awesome! :)
I love the book and the Spray Table GUI, they're really well made :D

Great mod, you released it! :D
I think it will be a must include for all upcoming MCreator modpacks :)

This is a really impressive mod! Excellent work! I can really tell you've spent a lot of time on this!

Love it! Always wanted spray paint, and never could figure it out. Also, I was kinda maybe sort of hoping you could add my logo? Maybe, please?