More Roads And Streets

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More Roads And Streets (Remade)

📢 This mod has been remade from the ground up and is now published here as MR:AS and is NOT compatible with the former R:AS. ⤵
                                        ✅ Thank you     ⚠ This version only really includes a quick fix several extra features but will NOT be updated⚠

📌 Pinned at 31/01/2019 3:05 PM           🔨 Please be aware that Forge crashes on low-memory or on out-dated versions, Thanks! 👍



🚦 Ever wanted perfect looking roads for your Minecraft worlds? Or just don't like blocky looking roads, 🔨 Well this is the mod for you. 🚥

⏰ This mod includes tons of features (just like the last mod, they have been recreated so don't use the mod on older R:AS worlds just used the former: R:AS)

🏁 Features list:

     🔎 All of these features either listed completed or in development

  • Yellow Lines
  • White Lines
  • Tar (asphalt) Roads
  • Diagonal Lines
  • Double Lines
  • Single Lines
  • Side Lines
  • Connector Pieces
  • Other Road Markings
  • Parking Markings [Coming Soon]
  • Traffic Signals [Flashing Only]
  • Street Lamps
  • Elevator Buttons and soon some more office equipment
  • Parking Barriers
  • Road Signs!!
  • Corner Signs
  • Safety Barriers
  • And some other features I might have forgotten

📌 Feel free to leave suggestions below.-Don't!

⏰ Updates may be delayed due to school. etc.-Cancelled!


IMPORTANT: This mod is NOT compatible with older R:AS versions or worlds, this mod was completely remade from scratch!!

🔨 There are many features coming soon.-Please read: I am making a completely NEW mod soon (My backups folder got swiped completely)


📢  🎮 Also. This mod is included in this video:  🎤 📺
Sorry about the URL. Currently there is no way to feature a video in the screenshots section.


🎤 Thanks everyone!

Modification files
mras-mod.jar - Most Recent: V:2.0.1 - Final Version1.36 MB

Re-created and published this mod, several updates are on the horizon.-EDIT: OneDrive cleared my backups folder so no updates sorry