Ore Staffs

Published by Sillst on Sat, 07/04/2020 - 23:08
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Ore Staffs

A mod that aims to enhance the vanilla experience with the addition of a new weapon type - staffs. This weapon type is unique due to its rapid firing rate capabilities and high damage. However, this does not come without a cost, as you need to sacrifice your precious ores in order to use them. Are you willing to mine enough ores to comfortably use the staffs for a long period of time, or do you want to scrape by with little ammunition and highly strict usage? The choice is all yours.


All staffs are crafted via a block of ore (I.e diamond, redstone, iron, etc.) on top, an iron ingot in the middle, and a stick at the bottom.

Coal Staff - Uses coal nuggets as ammunition. Can ignite mobs and blocks on fire.
Iron Staff - Uses iron nuggets as ammunition.
Gold Staff - Uses gold nuggets as ammunition.
Diamond Staff - Uses diamond nuggets as ammunition. 
Lapis Lazuli Staff - Right click to get EXP.
Quartz Staff - Right click a block to set off an explosion.
Redstone Staff - Can place redstone.
Emerald Staff - With each hit, mobs drop extra EXP.
Endite Staff - Uses endite nuggets as ammunition. Can only be acquired in endite staff shrines. The most powerful staff of the bunch as it is reserved for the endgame.


Endite Ore - An ore that only spawns in the End dimension and whose primary function is to fuel the endite staff.
Block of Endite - A decorative block that is crafted with 9 endite placed in a crafting table.
Endite Pillar - A decorative block that is crafted with 6 endite placed vertically in a crafting table.


Nuggets - Almost all are used as ammunition now and can be crafted by placing a single ore in a crafting table.


You're A Wizard, Harry! - An achievement that is obtained by using a staff for the first time.
End Quest - An achievement that is obtained by using an endite staff.

Endite Staff Shrines - A rare structure residing in the overworld that contains an endite staff in an ender chest at the bottom of it.

Please note that this mod is essentially a work in progress. If you have any suggestions or notices then feel free to tell me :)
My Discord is Sillst#8137

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