Z for zombies

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Hello.rar! I am... Again

This is a small mod but it´s only the 1.0.0 version.

This mod add a items for survive in the apocalipsis:

Guide (no it´s a copy of the survival guide from 7 days to mine...):

to look the craftings recipes


To kill your enemies?


To kill a distance

Baseball bat:

It´s epic

And etc

:) :) it´s a copy of 7 days to mine

Modification files

Good Mod, but could you add some zombies? It would be making this mod way better.

--------NEXT UPTADE--------
ok... The next uptade will have a:
-------New mobs------
-------New foods------
-------New weapons-----

The bad thing is that it is difficult to get downloads if your mod is something different (I mean if it is not a type dragon ball mod or something known) but I am developing a mod of many ideas of mine with explosives, gems, magic, structures etc. .. It will be complicated.