Shuda's Mystic Ores

Published by xShuda on Fri, 07/24/2020 - 00:55
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New Mod! <3   -------> DOWNLOAD

This mod is brand new so if it has bugs or anything sorry about that!

But this adds a new biomes and ores and few other fun things like FLOWER CROWNS!!

The only biome this mod contains at the moment is the Mystic Biome that contains Pink crystal ore, But updates are coming !!! 

Out of crystals you can create multiple items like tools and armor. Any questions or suggestions you can join my discord server down below.<3

Subscribe to my youtube i might post updates on there as well. <3

Please only download from curse because I'm way more active and you'll have more access to versions and help!!!

If you would like to report a bug. JOIN MY DISCORD AND REPORT IT THERE. (i will be able to help you better)



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