Notch's Respawn Gear

Published by Kinyoshi on Thu, 07/30/2020 - 08:04
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This mod is in part to celebrate Markus Persson and his creation.

Technically done, some left to do with the procedures for night check and difficulty check and whatnot, but it is effectively 100% usable as-is....

Made this for a relative who is young and dies a lot and totally not me at all...

Turns out Markus Persson (Notch) have a favorite color, purple, don't know which hue exactly, if you're wondering on the textures colors...


What this mod does is start you off with a helping hand from Notch in the form of weaker than leather armor, not a lot, but enough to take a few arrows. Notch's armor has very low durability. If you already have armor equipped when you run this mod for the first time, just know that the procedure checks to make sure the armor slots are empty before equipping Notch's armor.

When you die and respawn, Notch again will assist you and provide more armor and this time a pickaxe, which works as a multi-tool (as much as I hate these), so you can start mining stone right away to build a proper pickaxe. Notch's pickaxe has very low durability.

Notch's armor is automatically equipped upon starting a game and after respawning.

Also, if it is night, Notch will toss you a few torches when respawning..

Nothing is in creative.. there are three sets of pickaxe and armor (normal, better, best).. The more you die the better armor Notch starts you off with. :D

The armor procedure mentioned above was made and not actually tested in game, but it should work just off visual inspection..

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