The Abyss

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The Abyss, it's a outside of planned biome. This biome filled with water.
Features of this biome and mod:
New biome - The Abyss. On surface of this biome new trees - Acidwood.


New enchantment: Abyssal Breath. Helps to explore the abyss... This enchantment very rare and can be applied only on helmets.
When you in water, on you inflicts poison.
All mobs inflicts wither. (only abyss mobs)
2 new surface mobs - Toxicid Pig (toxic-acid pig) and Acider (acid spider).
2 new unique ores - Scarlet and Cruptix.

"Scarlet armor, tools and ore"

2 new armors - Scarlet, provides water breathing and Cruptix, provides resistance or regeneration and water breathing.
1 new food - Cursed Pork. Drops from Toxicid Pig. It can be as fuel and food.
At height 55 and lower, without helmet enchanted on Abyssal Breath (any level), on you was blindness and water breathing + night vision don't work.
At height 27 and lower, without helmet enchanted on Abyssal Breath (first level or bigger level), on you was wither and blindness. Also, water breathing and night vision dont work.
At height 8 and lower, with 20+ defense you enters into layer 2...
1 new abyss mobs - Reaper Sharks. Drops lumenyl, for recipes look in JEI.
Astral Amulet. Burns enemy which you hit if you carry it in second hand.

P.S. This mod will be updated.
Good luck!

Modification files
insanity_abyss_1.1.1.jar - 1.1.1 (bug fix)484.48 KB
insanity_abyss_1.1.jar - 1.1.0484.31 KB
insanity_abyss_1.0.jar - 1.0258.42 KB

Acidwood wood type.
Scarlet, Cruptix ores.
Scarlet weapons.
Cursed Pork.
Toxicid Pig.

2 new rarity - Abyss Tier (dark-blue) and Daedalus Tier (dark-purple)
Daedalus Stormbow
Cruptix Armor vars
Daedalus plating and battery thing.
God Slayer and Astral Amulet.
Sky Ingot
Lumenous Cruptix Ingot
Cruptix Door
Daedalus Crafting Station

Bug, when Reaper Sharks spawn everywhere

This is a good mod! My only criticism is that the colors are a bit clashy and harsh. Not bad at all though!

Cool mod, I like the textures and ideas :D
If you added an actual logo rather than a screenshot of the trees you would get more downloads :)
(PS: please make those leaves transparent... XD)