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Published by panichinco on Mon, 08/03/2020 - 23:30
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do you think there is not too much variety of food? tired of boring milk? Do you hate that they always ask three questions before presenting the product? Well, this mod is for you, ¨more milk¨ adds 3 more varieties of milk together with their respective plants, the only thing you need is to collect milk, sugar and the plant of the flavor you want. this mod adds 3 new types of milk, chocolate milk, which is made with cocoa, strawberry milk that is made with strawberries and vanilla milk that is made with vanilla, sorry if there are spelling errors but I don't speak English and the only one method I had to translate it was the google translator.

and by the way I am new to this world of publishing mods so if I make mistakes that's why

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more - the modUploaded on: 08/03/2020 - 23:59   File size: 5.22 MB

I have bad news, I lost the mod file, so I have to start all over again, the good thing is that I can take the opportunity to improve the mod and add new ideas.

Nice mod :)
Can you also add vegetal milk (made from soya, rice, etc.)? I'm allergic to the regular one XD

Sorry for replying late, I had not checked the comments section before, and in fact your idea is quite good, thanks for the suggestion, but first I would like to ask you something, do you agree that vegetal milk feeds less? It's not 100% milk I think, that's why the question

Hey! Although I have not downloaded the mod, but from the pictures I will give you advice: use the "noise" filter when creating a texture.