[1.6.4]TroubleInTerroristTown Mc

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TTT in Mc. None of these things are craftable. They are just for a minigame.

This is a simple TTT mod for minecraft with only a few items for now! The textures are being fixed and some modifications are being made to some of the items for better fun. If you would like to suggest a Detective, terrorist, or innocent item leave it in the comments. 

Download: //www.mediafire...r6a4c644lmwg13/[1.6.4]TTT.zip
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  Spoiler: The turtlenade i`m making needs turtle models. If you would like please a make one that is smaller than a block.(It should look similar to this)

The textures could use some fixing, so if you want send me your textures.






v.1.1(not out)

  • Change Crowbar, Health station, and Death Station textures.
  • Change Jihad sound to cat.
  • Made Infected Grenade and Teleporter Textures.
  • Made crafting recipes for blocks and items.
  • Made D, T, and I loadouts and blocks.


And of course you will get credit!

Modification files
[1.6.4]TTT.zipUploaded on: 07/23/2015 - 18:12   File size: 84.5 KB

For your items, make a blue solid item for detective, red solid for terrorist, and green for innocent. Work based on that.