Build and Controll 1.6.4

Published by abird121 on Sat, 03/29/2014 - 20:17
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Build and Control Mod
For Minecraft 1.6.4

This mod adds in to minecraft some blocks and items to help and assist you on your journey through minecraft!

Lets get started, shall we?

Part One: Golden Bits and Morph Tools

Golden bits are a type of food that enhance your abilities. To get one, First you have to craft a golden potato like so: Picture
  Then, get the rest of your golden foods and put them in a crafting table like so: Picture
  Have fun eating your golden bits!

Next off is the morph tools. These are morphed minecraft tools that are more powerful and better than the avrage minecraft tool. Some of them have special perks. You can find these for yourself. 

*Hint* Right click the stone morph tool!

Recipies:     Part 2: World-Controlling

Controll the world!

These objects require circutry. The circutry recipes are right here.     To craft a circuit^                                                     To craft wire^                                                To craft casing^

Now to get started. First, you will need your supplies (Shown above). You will use these to create a basic controller. Picture
  This is your basic controller. It doesn't do much but serve as a block, but you can always upgrade it to a time machine, or a weather controller!     This one gives you a time machine.                     Heres the water controller. Part 3: Structure kits
Saved best for last. This part of the mod adds packs to your game that help you. To use them, craft them, then right click with them on the ground, and it will give you the structures.

Have you ever played Minecraft, started a new world, but didn't want to have to build a house? Well then craft the starter kit! It gives you some awesome structures to help you start your Minecraft adventure early; even before the sun goes down! Craft it down below. Picture
  The next one is the rainbow pack. The rainbow pack adds rainbow-colored structures to the game. Picture
  The next one is the stone pack. It makes some things out of stone bricks. Smelt the rainbow to get it! Picture
  Part 4: Extras.
Gold tnt and gold gunpowder crafted like so: right click or activate with redstone to activate.                   Link to mod page:   //
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