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trollcraft is a world with many fantasies and by accident I mixed English with Spanish

version 1.14.4

in this world there are armed veiny plants misty trees and flying creatures, there are also tools with a special material called troll (purple stone)

what is done when cooking a log with fog (explosion particles)

when you are hungry eat the super bread that is made with a bread in the middle and 8 gold bars

Modification files
todocraft en 2.0.jarUploaded on: 11/15/2020 - 22:21   File size: 11.79 MB
todocraft es 2.0_0.jarUploaded on: 02/17/2021 - 18:37   File size: 12.06 MB

mod story
add purple wood
add purple leaves
add purple plant
add purple man
add purple stone
add purplestone recipe
add purple stone sword
add purplestone pickaxe
add purple stone shovel
add purplestone pickaxe recipe
add purplestone shovel recipe
purple wood add recipe
add tab todocraft
add stone wood
add stone leaves
add biome stone valley
add super bread
add ore of super bread
add simple recipes
add stone planks
add stone plank recipe
add procedure so that the purple plant does harm
add procedure so that the purple plant is broken with right click
add stone pick recipe
add recipe so that the super bread when eaten gives you super powers
add recipe slime block
add purple stone armor
add purple stone helmet recipe
add purple stone chestplate recipe
add purple stone leggings recipe
add purple stone boots recipe
add procedure so that the helmet makes you invisible
add procedure so that the chestplate allows you to fly and fall slowly
add procedures to make the purple stone boots give you a super jump
add tab todocraft 2.0
add a strange plant called ´´brote´´
add probe
add dirthot
add bread plant
add recipe bread plant
add stone hot
add biome by uzi
add Uziel Portal Igniter
add new super bread
add recipe new super bread
add recipe Uziel Portal Igniter
add recipe iron block
add recipe stone wood
add stone recipe leaves
add recipe leaves purple
add projectile
add procedure for the proectile to use tnt and destroy monsters
add fence stone
add procedure so that the probe when deactivating the redstone of the probe block becomes a stone
add procedure so that the fence stone when we activate redstone becomes a probe
add recipe fence stone
add purple planks
add recipe purple planks
add stick purpple
add recipe purple stick
add recipe vence of purpple wood
add recipe projectile
add polide
add recipe coal ore
add recipe iron ore
add recipe redstone ore
add recipe gold ore
add recipe diamond ore
add recipe lapis lazuli ore
add super bread recipe
add recipe pink gem
add recipe

and more

Hi everyone, this is not my first time creating a mod because I had already created one but with an application in Spanish. however it is my first time creating a mod with MCREATOR

hello what a good mod, thanks to him I can farm in the nether and I wish there could be a boss

hello, what a good very creative mod, I would like the obsidian star to be a shuriken that when thrown will explode or that you can place tnt like the troll