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Minecraft Forge mod
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trollcraft is a world with many fantasies and by accident I mixed English with Spanish

version 1.14.4

in this world there are armed veiny plants misty trees and flying creatures, there are also tools with a special material called troll (purple stone)

what is done when cooking a log with fog (explosion particles)

when you are hungry eat the super bread that is made with a bread in the middle and 8 gold bars

Modification files
todocraft EN.jar - todocraft in english11.5 MB
todocraft español_2.jar - todocraft en español11.68 MB

I removed a creature called policre that was causing a lag or crash :)

add troll block

add the '' ghost '' creature that has a blockbuster box and purple creeper texture

add infinite lava cube

Hi everyone, this is not my first time creating a mod because I had already created one but with an application in Spanish. however it is my first time creating a mod with MCREATOR