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Extra Craft is a Plugin Aimed to add new exciting features to improve the overall gameplay of Minecraft!

I have many planned features for this and would love your feedback and ideas!

Current Mod Version: 1.0.1

Supported MC Versions: 1.15.2


    - Tektite Ingot


    - Tektite Ore

    - Tektite Block

    - Mossy Oak Plank

    - Mossy Spruce Plank

    - Mossy Dark Oak Plank

    - Mossy Birch Plank

    - Mossy Jungle Plank



    - Tektite Pickaxe

    - Tektite Shovel

    - Tektite Axe

    - Tektite Hoe


    - Apple Juice



Modification files
ExtraCraft 1.15.2 (V 1.0.1).jarUploaded on: 08/19/2020 - 04:56   File size: 79.83 KB

Version [1.2] 

  •     Fixed Minor Bugs
  •     Fixed Pickaxe not being craftable bug
  •     Added more Screenshots
  •     New Thumbnail

Version [1.1]

  • Block of Tektite can now be used to make beacons
  • Added Mossy Oak Plank
  •  Added Mossy Dark Oak Plank
  •  Added Mossy Birch Plank
  • Added Mossy Jungle Plank
  • Tektite Ore now has the same values as Diamond Ore
  • Tektite Ore can now be found in caves
  • Added Apple Juice
  • Added Creative Tab for Tools
  • Added Creative Tab for Items
  • Added Creative Tab for Blocks
  • Minor Bug Fixes

Version [1.0]

  •  Mod Release
  •  Added Tektite Ingot
  •  Added Tektite Ore
  •  Added Tektite Pickaxe
  •  Added Tektite Axe
  •  Added Tektite Shovel
  •  Added Tektite Hoe
  •  Added Block of Tektite

Hey! I featured this mod in my Mcreator MOTW showcase video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6GwIgi-7Do