ThingsNMore Mod v3.0 (99 Items/Blocks/D)

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Dimensions: Blue Stone Dimension



Lightblocks: Makes Light And Its Decorative

Brick Lightblock: Its a Lightblock in Form of Bricks (You can Use All Colors)

Extreme Grass: Decorative and Expensive

Ores: (Ruby for Armor, Sapphire for Armor, Tauma for Armor and Tools, and Quartz)

Sugar Block: Decorative

Ruby, Sapphire and Tauma Blocks

Reforzed Diamond: (Tools and Items)

Flint and Diamond and Reforzed Diamond Block (Flint and Diamond for a Dimension)

Blazed Diamond: (Sword to Make "Blade of Lightning")

Electricity and Lightning:

Blade of Lightning: (Makes 4 Lightnings per Right Click)


Plants: (Coffee and Tomato) Tomato Restores 1;1/2 Hunger

Sausage: (For Eating) Raw: 1/2 Hunger ; Cooked: 3 Hunger

Hotdogs: (For Eating) Bread: 2 ; Hotdog: 5 Hunger 

Hamburger: (For Eating) Restores 5 Hunger


Cane Cup:

Chocolate N Drinks of Chocolate: Restores Chocolate: 2 ; Cup Chocolate: 3 ; Cane Cup Chocolate: 3 Hunger

Sushi: Restores 3 Hunger

Apple Pie: Restores 4 Hunger

French Fries: Restores Normal: 1 ; Cooked: 3 Hunger

Cheese: Restores 1;1/2 Hunger

Empty Jar and Jar with Tomato Sauce: Jar with Tomato Sauce: 1;1/2 Hunger

Pepperoni: Restores Raw: 1/2 ; Cooked 1 Hunger

Sodas (BUGGED): Restores Green: 2 ; Red:  2;1/2 With (BUGGED) Speed

Ultra Soda (BUGGED): Restores 4 with (BUGGED) Speed, Fire Resistance and Regeneration

Transformed Redstone: Tools and Armor

Transformed Lapiz Lazuli: Tools and Armor

Transformed Emerald: Tools and Armor

Pizza Doughs:

Pizza: Restores 10 Hunger

Portal to Blue Stone Dimension:

Future 4.0:

1. Armor and Tools of Quartz

2. Armor and Tools of Coal

3. Sodas

4. Caramel

5. Candy

6. Butter With Butter Sword

And More...


                                                             1.0 -  // Mod

                                                             2.0 -  // Mod

                                                            3.0 - // Mod

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Good mod, but when i make a Block the block has the form of a plant, not a block form. Can you help me?

Awesome mod! Great work on it, I'm looking forward to the updates! Once again, GREAT WORK!