Just Creepers

Published by MatyasU on Mon, 11/23/2020 - 06:49
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this mod adds bunch of creepers, theses ones are so looking cool but theses awesome

Common: from actually from earth or lava or water

Uncommon: has gun, from ears like aliens, baby small thing, head has legs

Epic: Giant for crush, Wings has normal, Demon for nether, Angel for Heaven


Earth Creeper - it's earth, it's common

Water Creeper - it's water variant, sets water ever, it's common

Lava Creeper - it's lava, swims in lava, immune to fire, it's common

Giant Creeper - big creeper, it's epic, it's big

Baby Creeper - it's small, it's baby, it's uncommon

Winged Creeper - has wings, it's epic

Angelic Creeper - has wings, has halo, it's epic

Demonic Creeper - has horns, it's demon, it's epic

Agent Creeper - has gun, it's uncommon, it's not shooting

Alien Creeper - it's alien, slows fall, jumping so high, it's uncommon

Creeper Head - it's head with legs, it's uncommon


Alien Ears - it's for your hat, has ears, it's uncommon

Gun - it's a weapon that dropped by agent creeper, shoots Bullets, it's uncommon

Bullet - it's a bullet for gun, it's uncommon

Modification files
Just Creepers - Original.jar - a just normal java for minecraft 1.15.2 version, Just Enough CreepersUploaded on: 11/23/2020 - 07:08   File size: 181.9 KB

Agent Creeper still not shooting, still explodes