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Terminal is a mod i decided to work on because of its uniqueness. 


Terminal adds a single block and currently 4 items.


Computer Terminal: The Heart of this mod. Allows the user to execute commands outside of the chat.

SUDO Keycard: Standard Superuser access card - 5 uses

User Keycard: User access card - 25 uses

GamemodeCIdentifier: (Probably going to rename this) Allows the user to switch to Creative Mode (return trip not included)

GamemodeSIdentifier: (Probably going to rename this)  Allows the user to switch to Survival Mode (Only use is for returning from the above)


The Computer Contains a labeled area for you to enter your access key and another input box for your command item

Once the "Execute" button is clicked, Your command item will be cleared and your access key will lose a use.

Update: I switched computers so the mod files are currently lost.

Modification files
Timelines-ER-1.15.2.jar - Early ReleaseUploaded on: 01/09/2021 - 22:09   File size: 62.98 KB

-mod released


so basicly you can use commands in survival? looks cool, but gets kinda op if write /give @p minecraft:diamond_block 64
or /gamemode creative
or /effect @p add minecraft:resistance 10000000000000 255
so if the commands are restricted its a really original and unique mod

Nice mod! (it helped me win a manhunt with my friends).