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This mod only includes commands.


/gm <Game Mode> [Player] - Changing game mode

/heal [Player] - Healing a player

/repair [Player] - Repairing an item

/fix [Player] - Repairing an item

/invsee [Player] - Showing a player's inventory

/laggclear - Clearing all items

/tphere <Player> - Teleporting a player to your location

/tpall <Player> - Teleporting all players to another player

/tphereall - Teleporting all players to your location

/tplook [Player] - Teleporting to look location

/feed <Player> - Setting food points to 20

/eat <Player> - Setting food points to 20

/mute <Player> - Muting a player (chat)

/unmute <Player> - Unmuting player

/whois <Player> - Getting information about a player

/troll <Player> <More options, information in-game> - Pranking a player

/actionbar <More options, information in-game> - Showing actionbar

/item <Item> <Count> [Player]

/i <Item> <Count> [Player]

/tnt <Count> - Summoning tnt at your look location

/explode <Explode level> Exploding at your look location

/setslot <Player> <SlotID> - Setting items in slots

Modification files
MoreCommands by Dolfi2006.jar - Download the mod, and upvote it please.Uploaded on: 05/09/2021 - 14:40   File size: 452.8 KB

Added Command:

/setslot <Player> <SlotID>

Added Command Parameter: 

/troll <Player> break

/troll <Player> freeze

Very nice but you can create the command /furnace pls
anything that could be melted in the player's hand will be melted by executing this command