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What is this mod?

This mod is about adding more commands. This mod adds up to 22 useful commands for your game. This mod does not completely change Minecraft as it only adds more commands.

List of commands:

/gmc - Sets to creative mode

/gms - Sets to survival mode

/gma - Sets to adventure mode

/gmsp - Sets to spectator mode

/overworld - Goes to the overworld

/nether - Goes to the nether

/end - Goes to the end

/day - Sets time to day

/night - Sets time to night

/wclear - Clears any weather

/wrain - Sets weather to rain

/wthunder - Sets weather to thunder

/feed - Gives full hunger points

/starve - Gives empty hunger points

/barrier - Gives a barrier

/cmd - Gives a command block

/fly - Enables flight

/nofly - Disables flight

/build - Enables build

/nobuild - Disables build

/damage - Enables damage

/nodamage - Disables damage


Modification files
CommandCraft.jar - CommandCraftUploaded on: 04/28/2020 - 15:57   File size: 113.93 KB


Mod has released and has added 22 new commands!

Yo I have a question, how did you make the command to get rid of water? I'm currently working on my JoJo mod and i need something that evaporates all water.

I'm not sure why you have a mod that clones all the commands in the games tho. I like the idea, however

Maybe change the enable and disable damage commands to dmg. Nice mod though!

There are lot of plugins out there that have similar commands to this, but I don’t like plugins because there’re evil and Bukkit never works for me :(
So thanks for making a mod about it so we don’t have to use plugins.

im used to gmc and gms on a server xD so now i can do commands lazily now and /damage and /nodamage are like pvp commands