Nether Update Mod

Published by DanilkaD on Sat, 01/16/2021 - 20:48
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Welcome to the New Nether...You have new resources to build with, new mobs, and best of's on 1.15!

I have recreated many things from 1.16 since April 2020, so many things can be quite old.



Ancient Debris - beneath the depths of the Nether...a precious material lies...

Netherite Blocks - build using the most precious minecraft item!

Nylium - the native block of the fungi!

Stems - the body of the giant fungi!

Warped and Crimson Planks - New wood colors, now compatible with your fireplace! New decorations, stairs, trapdoors, doors etc.

Blackstone - the mysterious material, beneath the depths of the Nether...the mysterious material for all sorts of decoration!

Crying Obsidian - Useless, yet interesting block!

Shroomlight - Shroom, and light! The shroomlight!

Nether Gold Ore - The precious rock, formed from the heat of the Nether...

Vines - Basically scaffolding, but way easier to get!

Gilded Blackstone - The nether gold ore again, but more tedious.

Soul Soil - Soul Sand without the speed ddecrease

Roots - The grass of the Nether

Fungi - The wooden material of the Nether...

Respawn Anchor - Not Finished, but it's an explosive now...



Netherite Ingot - the most precious and durable material of the Nether. Craft tools, armor or the Netherite Block!

Netherite Scrap - the half of the precious and durable material of the Nether.

Music Disc Pigstep - dun dun dun dun dun doodoo...oh wait



Zombified Piglins - Unfinished successors to the old pals Zombie Pigmen!

Soul Speed - the Enchantment that grants boost on the Soul Sand to the soul who wears it...

Ruined Portals - the Ruined Nether Portals of the previous civilization...



This mod is in Alpha stages and has yet to be finished. There are lots of bugs i need to fix and lots of things that I may add when new features are introduced into MCreator...

Modification files
Nether Update v1.0.0-a0116 [1.15.2].jar - Build from 16th of January 2021. Uploaded on: 01/16/2021 - 21:14   File size: 5.66 MB

So, I think of this mod more of as a proof of concept. While I have an actual mod in the works, what would you like to see added? If I have spare time, I use it on my main mod, but I want to continue development with this one so it wouldn't feel abandoned - which it is now.