The Dark Army Mod

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This mod is the Prequel to New Human Mod, for right now I am still working and testing this mod But I will keep going on it for as much as possible. The Dark Army Is A hostile Mod where they Kill Everyone. Temporary they are Ai Based on any Hostile Beings, But the Worst Warriors is the Enemy Deathless They will kill you on sight pending on what they are. I will make sure to Add on the Kinds of Warriors and Who they Kill and more.



Most of the skins were made by planetminecraft and some users

The Other Stuff Belongs to MCreator and Yusanis2014.


 This Mod is just for tests until I can get my Allies to help xXMCXx, KrisTheGolden, ChaseTheCreator, Spaz97,GhostModder, Haloboy01134, Kevaka, Halmi4, CreativeGuy2013 are people who are my allies and helped me out. Stay Tune for Future Updates, If you have questions I will be on MCreator Chat for as Much as Possible.


Modification files
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It is Outdated and I am Currently working on a New Developement about it soon. Unfortunateyl I still have lots to work on.