Joe Biome Mod

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I created an abomination of a biome mod and you should try it out!
Featuring Joe Biden

This mod adds a new biome for you to explore, as well as a new beautiful block (Joe Biden Block) to decorate your house with. Will you explore the mysterious lands of the Joe Biome?


-New biome (The Joe Biome)

-New Block (Joe Biden Block)


Modification files
joe-biden-mod.jar - The modUploaded on: 02/26/2021 - 22:20   File size: 882.59 KB

-Joe Biome added

-Joe Biden Blocks added

this the supa, se**, better than betweenlands, this f***cking brilliant mod will make you download in one microsecond, even mrcubist is put to shame even raolthebest and even cazfps will be put to shame, this is going to be the mod of the millenium!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (MOTM)

congrats for motw (matej told me)
(joking this is a mod i will never download)

I'm gonna be able to brag about how I was here shortly before this mod got MOTW, nice!