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Hello there! I was very excited when I made this Minecraft Mod.
2 my mode
There are Deco blocks in the mode. Blocks that you can shut up your home.

I started making this mod on 10.03.2021

Fashion will soon come very Strange Blocks Wait with curiosity I'm doing everything to entertain you I Translate from Google Transfer

Good Gamplay Enjoj! :D

Modification files
DecoWorld V 1.jar - V 1Uploaded on: 03/10/2021 - 19:30   File size: 20.11 KB

the description... confuses me. a lot.
first off don't just say "pls play this mod" if anything that'll probably lower the amount of people who download
second, please work on spelling and grammar. i'd understand if english isn't your native language but it'd be good if you could still improve it.
and also don't do a "prank" in the description, that doesn't give any extra benefits
lastly it'd be nice if you said what is in the mod instead of saying "give a deco items" which still isn't proper grammar

Thank you for your feedback. Yes, my mother tongue is not English. I want to entertain you. This is just my goal. I am very glad that you are the first person to download the Mod I Will Improve The Mod I will change the description in the Google Transfer, which I will change soon.