C-Moon Mod

Published by kirby0327 on
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I've seen a lot of stuff come from this software but I haven't seen any JoJo mods so I made one in mcreator because I don't wanna learn java.

TO GET STAND: /give @s cmoon:arrow and right click
V- Summon Stand
R- Inversion Punch (Makes mobs fly away)
X- Gravity inversion (Pulls Mobs down)
Z- Gravity Shift (Makes Mobs Fly)
Y- Toggle Fly

Modification files
aasfafsa.jarUploaded on: 03/15/2021 - 02:29   File size: 657.82 KB

could you help with my mod? I'm making a bizarre adventure jojo mod

hmmm... Doesn't look bad. Maybe you can add some minecraft pictures to the thumbnail, like the "stand", if I'm not dumb and it's an item.