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The Dimensions and Monsters Mod is a Minecraft Java 1.15.2 mod that add mobs, biomes, ore, bosses, dimensios, and so many things to minecraft, here you can find powerful mobs like The Royal Trio of the Overworld (The Sky Queen, The Ground King and the Sea Prince); the Knight Trio of the Nether (The Fire Knight. The Pain Knight and the Death Knight), as well of new Dimensions, like UCEU,  the reverse of Nether, and The Void, a toxic, dark and dangerous dimension.

The mod is still W.I.P, and this a first BETA

Modification files
Dimensions And Monster Mod beta_0.jar - The first BetaUploaded on: 03/15/2021 - 17:39   File size: 6.8 MB

Some things containing in the first BETA:

  • Ruby Ore;
  • Ruby Full Set;
  • Emerald Full Set;
  • Ores mixed in dirt;
  • The beautiful oasis;
  • Palmtrees and Coconuts;
  • The Mighty Great Jungle Temple and the Stone Golems, Mimics, Small Golems and the Mysterious Mask;
  • The Sequoia Forest Biome and the Great Sequoia, the Lair of the Sky Queen;
  • The Deadlands Biome, and the Ground King, as well the Dead Miners;
  • The Sea Prince;
  • The Vampire Bats and their Huge version;
  • Animals like Penguins, Lions, Capibaras and Crab;
  • The new Void dimension, created with a portal that can be made with Mega Glowstone Blocks, an Igniter that can be found in UCEU (a dimension that I didn't worked on it yet) and the Void Mobs;
  • The Spider Queen and its new type of spiders;
  • Mobs from MC Dungeons and Earth: Frozen Zombie, Jungle Zombie, Bouldering Zombie, Lotter Zombie, Bone Spider, Skeleton Wolf, Moobloom and Dyed Cat;
  • New Effects like: Marked to Death, The Ocean Calls, Muddy and Frozen;
  • The Knight Trio of the Nether;:
    • The Death Knight is a giant Wither Skeleton that shoots skulls that gives the player the Marked to Death effect, an effect that kills instantly the player when its time expires;
    • The Pain Knight is a COLOSSAL Ghast that shoots massive and explosive fireballs;
    • The Fire Knight is LITERALLY The Hovering Inferno.
  • The Royal Trio of the Overworld:
    • The Sky Queen is a Giant Bird that lives in The Great Sequoia;
    • The Ground King is a Giant Lisard that lives in the Deadlands Biome;
    • The Sea Prince is a Giant Water Creature that lives in the oceans.
  • The Frostbite Witch, an Icy Witch that attack the player and animals frozening them into an icy and deadly encounter;
  • New Zombies not related to other things
    • Contaminant Zombie: A Zombie that summons a Zombie when it kills the Player.
    • Bomb Zombie: A Zombie that explodes in the right momment that it dies.
  • The Obsidian Golem, made with Obsidian, it doesn't like other golems, but WAIT, the Illagers have their own Obsidian Golems!!!
  • The loser mobs of the mob voting that Phantom won:
    • The Monster of the Ocean Depths;
    • The Great Hunger.

  • Removed Herobrine

Nice mod, but for some reason when I spawn in the "Pain Knight", the game performance drops significantly. Are you doing a lot of operations in the update tick event of the mob?

Well, nope, but, I noticed that the huge flying mobs like the Pain Knight and the Sky Queen makes the game performance drop, I really don't know what could be the reason of this, but I'm still trying to fix it

this looks cool just looking at the images! (really wish i could download it though), looking forward to future updates!