Published by Matia on Sat, 03/20/2021 - 22:43
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This is a small project made for fun in a week or less. Though it doesn't have much features at the moment, I'll try to update this mod every saturday.

Tranquiful is a mod about exploring the peaceful side of life and taking a look at botany, agriculture and bonsai art. It's current features are:

- Types of Tea which give effects upon drinking, such as Hibiscus Tea giving regeneration or Chorus Tea giving Feather Falling and Levitation.

- 6 new types of dye; Turquoise, Navy, Indigo, Buttermilk, Maroon and Scarlet. Each with its set of blocks to build with.

- A ton of new flowers that spawn around the world, along with a glowing mushroom that spawns in caves.

- 4 new wood sets: Jacaranda, Maple, Weeping Willow and Twilight wood.

- Bonsai which currently only comes for the trees in the mod

Planned features for the next update include:

- 2 new cave biomes

- Bloodstone, an ore for decorational purposes

- Magnolia, Baobab, Wisteria and Cinnamon wood sets

- 1.16.5 compatible version

- Plants for the nether

- Warped and Crimson Tea

And much more


NOTE: This mod is still in its alpha stage. Though most blocks should be able to be accessed in survival, some aren't yet made to do so. Along with that, bugs are also expected.

The thumbnails on the mod page will be overhauled and there will be a logo

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Looks awesome, just as expected.
I'd love to see what this is going to become.

Great job on this, the textures are great and the world looks so much nicer with the new flora to brighten it up.

Apologies for not releasing an update last Saturday, or this one. What happened is that the workspace got corrupted upon getting transferred to 1.16.5 and I was stupid enough to not make any backups.