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The Glacium is a mod that adds a fairly simple ritual. This ritual is for summoning a Glacium. Now, you may be thinking, "What is a glacium?" Well, it is a giant orb of ice that floats in the sky. The reason you want one of these is because it contains a great treasure, THE GLACIUM HEART!! "Why would I want that?" you may ask, and my reply is, "Because it will be an artifact of great power in an upcoming magic mod, where the Glacium summoning will only be one small bit." You may also ask, "how do I summon a glacium?" By following these simple steps.

1. Find a wizard's house, there are some things you need to do in it, which I will not say, because it would ruin the fun. The main reason to going here and the thing you must accomplish before leaving is reading the scroll. Also, there may just be a hidden diamond in the old house.

2. Find a glacial ice spike, inside it is crystal ice, which can be mined to get a glacial crystal.

3. Craft a ritual plate and then craft a ritual pedestal with it. Recipes can be found by using JEI.

4. Place the glacial crystal on top of the ritual pedestal and right click it (the pedestal not the crystal.) You must have read the scroll for this to work.

5. The Glacium will be summoned. You can go inside, but something may guard the Glacium Heart and it may need to be defeated.

I really hope you enjoy this mod, have fun!

Modification files
The-Glacium-1.16.5.jar - The latest version of the mod, for 1.16.5, has custom hitboxes.Uploaded on: 03/29/2021 - 21:20   File size: 220.82 KB
The-Glacium-1.15.2.jar - Another version of the mod, only semi-custom hitboxes and for 1.15.2.Uploaded on: 03/29/2021 - 21:21   File size: 205.58 KB

Nothing new, this is the first release! :)