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This mod wants to be a collection of tools aimed at improving the "quality of life" of the sigleplayer game. At the moment the only "utility-tool" that the mod contains is the "warp" (block). This offline version of the warp consist of two blocks that once connected allow a teleportation between them.

A special thanks to NorthWestTrees Gaming for making the code behind the warp block.

If you enjoyed the mod please visit his:




Warp (Block - Tools tab)

Warp Activator (Item - Tools tab)



Warp - Warp Activator

  1. Place a warp block to use it as a starting point.
  2. While holding the warp activator in your main hand, right click in the warp block. This will store the position of the warp block.
  3. Go wherever you want and place another warp block.
  4. Again, while holding the warp activator in your main hand, right click in the warp block. This will link the position of the block to the one previously stored.
  5. Without warp activator, right click in the warp block. Now you can travel between portals.
  6. WARPS CAN BE LINKED ON THE SAME DIMENSION ONLY (ex. Overworld to Overworld, Nether to Nether, End to End).



All items in this mod can be crafted on the workbench.


Vertical lines from bottom to top:

  • Left: glass, glass, glass.
  • Center: glass, purple_stained_glass, glass.
  • Right: glass, glass, glass.

Warp Activator

Vertical lines from bottom to top:

  • Left: cobblestone, cobblestone, cobblestone.
  • Center: cobblestone, redstone, lime stained glass.
  • Right: cobblestone, cobblestone, cobblestone.
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mc_utility_tools.zip - Minecraft - 1.15.2Uploaded on: 04/04/2021 - 16:26   File size: 5.32 MB

1.0.0 Stable Release

  • Warp
  • Warp Activator

OK, I hope you'll add something more, and if I can suggest, I would make the warp things more expensive.

The concept behind my "offline warp" is to travel fast and without too much costs (obviously in terms of game resources). Since fast travel becomes a mid-late game necessity I think I can make it a little more expensive... but not too much. Don't worry i will add more cool things to this mod but, at the moment, I'm working on three other mods so it just requires some time. Thanks for the suggestions.

maybe you can use ender pearl to "charge" the warp blocks,and teleporting will use charges.
For example 1 pearl gives 5 charges and 1 teleport comsumes 2 charges then2 pearls allows 5 teleports

IDEA NO.2:Charge cost changes with distance(like 1~100 block consumes 1 charge,101~200 consumes 2 charges,and so on)