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Mods with themes... Eugh, get rid of them.

Luckily, this mod has no theme (except for the updates), and adds a lot of things, that could be useful, or deadly.


Like Dried Bricks...

Or, maybe a Stone Human Buffed Stone Human (careful, there are baby variants of these).

Or, maybe new biomes and a Blue Nether...

OR, maybe new flowers, and coins...

or a structure with a wither skeleton spawner... Wow! So cool, so amazing, so overpowered, so useful!


But what's the importance of these additions? None! There's no theme, so why would any of this make sense?

The best way to describe a mod with no theme, is to make no sense. I'd know, I trained for this for 12 minutes.

FYI: The chorus forest is in a separate dimension from the end, its in the Chorus Dimension. If I could've put them in the normal end, i would've...

Another FYI: To get to the Blue Nether, make a nether portal out of Crying Obsidian, and light it with a Flint and Quartz.


If you want the recipes, just use JEI, too much work to list all the recipes.

Modification files
b1.4_sorta-useful-additions.jar - Beta 1.4Uploaded on: 04/06/2021 - 04:34   File size: 13.86 MB

Beta 1.4:

  • Initial release, so why would there be anything here?
  • Well, is it technically even a "release?"