Published by werlig on Sun, 05/23/2021 - 19:12
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KailandMod improves all the aspects of the game, introducing new bosses, creatures, cave biomes, minerals, mechanics, changes to dimensions, and much more.


You can unlock all the content using the command /unlockall



- Added the ability to do a dash

- 5 Bosses

- 32 New mobs

- Caves biomes

- 32+ Magic wands

- 11 New ores

- 11 new food and potions 

- 15 new plants and crops


Caves biomes

Desert Cave

In the Desert Caves you can see walls of sandstone and hardened sand, as well as two new minerals (Sunstone and Moonstone) that appear depending on whether it is day or night. In addition, these caves are very dangerous, since you can find tnt traps, quicksand and cactuses that will make exploration more difficult.


Corrosive Caves

In the Corroded Caves you can find an abundant amount of leaves, clay, earth, and poisonous fungi (spushrooms). In the lower layers of the underground biome, we can encounter with large rivers of heavy gas, which corrode the player's armor, and that upon contact with a little of fire will generate a deadly explosion. This gas can be found in all caves but in a reduced way.


Jungle caves

In the Jungle Caves you can see abundant amounts of vegetation (leaves, trees, mossy stone, and vines). In addition, you can find ancient vessels, which still have treasures inside.


Volcanic Caves

In these extreme lava caves called Volcanic Caves, we can encounter volcanic stone, magma blocks, and exorbitant amounts of lava. Once the Terra armor is defeated, a new mineral called Rubidium will appear in these caves.


Spider caves

In the Spider Caves you can come upon cave spider spawners, cobwebs, silverfish nests, and stalactites that inflict a lot of contact damage. The spawn rate of emeralds is increased a bit.


Fungi Caves

The Fungi Cave is a cave where we can find a new type of fungus called jumpshroom with which we can jump very high, we can also find moss blocks, red mushrooms, and hanging plants.


Glowing Caves

The Glowing Caves are the quietest due to the presence of a new plant, the Irisa, which light up the place, reducing the monster spawn rate.


Frozen Caves

Here, in the Frozen Caves you can find slippery stone, snow, and ice crystals, which when broken with diamond hoes or higher, have the possibility of drop magic ice.


Ocean Caves

Filled with water, hardened clay and seastone, the Ocean Caves are usually a challenge, in them you can find one of the new minerals, sapphire.



The magic in this mod comes in 6 types and they are the following ones:

Tempesta staffs:

tempestas staffs crafts

These staffs are related to the weather, they come in 3 subclasses, ice, electro, air, and water


Ignition staffs:

Ignition staffs

This category of wands is related to combustion, generating explosion and fire effects


Natura staffs:

Natura Staffs

Wands of this type are related to nature, produce effects of poisoning, corrosion, and health regeneration.


Darkness staffs:

Darkness staffs

Magic of this type is capable of summoning monsters that help you in combat, and generating explosions of darkness


Space staffs:

space staffs

Levitation, suffocation, and teleportation effects, this type of magic is perfect for controlling enemies


Geo staffs:


These wands are related to rock, time control, raw damage, and defense.


Most wands produce effects such as freezing, ignition, electric shock, corrosive, and humidus. These effects can be mixed to boost or generate other effects.

Electric shock + humidus = is the result of plugging a toaster into the water, it does 2 damage for every second that both effects last, In addition, a lightning could fall on the enemy that lengthens the effect

Electric shock + corrosive = When these two effects are affecting an entity, it will produce a zone of poison that will affect everyone around it (including you)

Corrosive + ignition = in the moment these two effects come together they will produce a great explosion

Humidus + ignition = try to set fire to something wet, it is impossible, having the humidus effect will give you immunity to ignition.

Corrosive + humidus = being wet while having the corrosive effect will cause you to take some damage

Ignition + frozen = The freezing effect can save you from a minor burn, but it cannot save you from the ignition effect.

Zeta staff is a special wand, unlockable after defeating The Pacifist, when crafted it acquires a random spell from a list of eight that combine various elements. Has a 25% chance to explode when is crafted.

 - (Electrofangs)

 - (Atmosphera)

 - (Hanabi)

 - (Hybrid)

 - (Pyro-Kinesis)

 - (Contrariorum)

- (Dinamo)

- (Dragoncream)

You can find more information about the mod at https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/kailandmod however much of the information is not update yet, so there is crafting or items that have been changed or removed. Please be patient.

thanks to everyone who download the mod :)



New Features:

- New boss (Ipsum)

- 2 new ores, one unlockable after defeating Ipsum (Adamas, and Asterite)

- A new dimension called The nest. Killing The pacifist will create the portal

- Magic now generates status effects that can react to each other for various effects in combat.

- 11 new magic staffs. (Aire staff, azura staff, darkness staff, regimen staff, blaze staff, fragmented staff, crio staff, solrock staff, zawarudo staff, geo staff, herba staff)

- Some new spells for the Zeta staff.

- Balances to magic staffs.

- improved dash and jetpack movement

- Re-worked caves biomes

- Improved the luminus swamp biome

- 3 new no-boss mobs. (Mimico, Boxeadeus, Blue slime)

- improved mineral generation, now sapphire, sunstone and moonstone will only appear on cave walls.

- Some new blocks for decoration.

- retouched the nether.

- Wastelands of Baedoor compability

- A new craftable potion that teleports you to the place where it was created (Telepotion)

- new crop, obtainable from The nest "grass"

- Changed some textures

- Diorite, andesite, and granite now can be used to craft furnace and stone tools

- Creepers now has the possibility to explode if on fire

- new underground micro biomes that occur when two biomes collide

- Added new amulets ( Amulet of revelation, amulet of independence)

- new achievements


Bug fixes:

- Jumpshroom now can be grown with bone meal

- Fixed slabs crafting

- Fixed some crashes caused by 3d models

- Added reward for killing a Fyrela (2 - 10 blaze powder)

- Fixed buggi shields in multiplayer

- Adjusted the hardness of some blocks

- Fix up some models poses and hitboxes

- Some blocks are now obtainable with silk touch

- Fixed interface freeze effect

- Now the potion effects don't persist once they wear off

- Fixed jetpack fall damage accumulation.



- Removed mod bows ( rubidium bow, electro bow, schyte bow)

- Removed Drowned mob.


Final version of kailandmod

I will not publish any more updates unless serious bug appear.

See you soon ;)

I'm amazed how noone commented that mod, while it's looking like it has amazing potential o.o I remember looking at it once it dropped here, but didn't comment, and it's so weird noone did that since then!
Anyway, I could have proposal for dev - I would feel honoured making KailandMod compatibile with my mod :3 it's kinda simple, won't cost you much time I think, and it would give you some promotion, since I will show this mod on my CurseForge/MCreator sites! ^^

My mod has block that kills any hostile, non-boss creatures, and I think it would be cool to add your mobs to its list ^^ it's done by simple adding NBT tag "avoider_killable" set to "true" value, once the mob spawns/turns into hostile one, so my mod can recognise it

Hi Toma, I'm Werlig, the creator of kailand mod, he hasn't let me send you emails and my Discord won't open>. <, I'll give you the list of compatible mobs here:
Blueslime, Crab, Wraith, Hypex Skeleton, Shulker Guardian, Stone Golem, Fyrela, Zombie wasp. Greetings ^^

Oh, that's unfortunate :<
But thanks for sending me these, I will write wiki and change mod's page in seconds :D man, I'm so happy, first compatibile 1.12 mod, and it's mod of great quality! ^^
Everything works by the way, just checked!

This looks great. Having some "Origin Realms" Vibes from this!

If you know what I mean.(if you don't, try searching it)