Simple MMO Mod

Published by rokkilli on Mon, 04/13/2020 - 18:55
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In development
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Model designer
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Simple mmorpg mod.

Will bring a lot of new swords and a little fun mechanics to the game

Plans for NEXT versions: Bug fix, New creatures, New and Reworked armor, WAAANDS MOOOORE WAAANDS AND STAFFS, Reworked or delete structures

in the new version, we added stoneler (a safe creature that produces various kinds of stones in its meat bag that can be selected and used to improve your weapons), new items for crafting and improving, a second biome and dimensions similar to these biomes, as well as portal activators that you can craft all the crafts look in just enough items (jei)

Attention be sure to watch changelog to find out about possible problems and how to solve them!!!!!!!!!!

Modification files
SimpleMmoBuild_1.1.jar - Test version614.61 KB
SimpleMmoBuild_1.12.2_1.8.jar - new version!!756.46 KB

You may have a problem stopping the internal server when creating the map

 problems with visibility through the new foliage will be removed in the next few days in the new version

to solve this problem you must rebuild your version of minecraft if you have tlauncher mark "force update" an Alternative solution to the problem is to delete all the maps or completely reinstall minecraft check whether there are any residual files left after deleting if this did not work and you were not able to launch the map with this mod delete it create a map install and try to go to it if all these actions did not help then please write in the comments about your problem

Hey! Coming soon a new version that will bring a new biome , items and recipes to the game. attention all structures were removed for the time being.