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Welcome to my biggest, most in-depth mod yet, RuneCraft! Featuring over nine different types of essences, runes, staffs, and Elementals, all with cool abilities! Harvest Elementals to get their Essence, craft them with Rune Stones, an ore you can find underground, to make Runes, and craft Runes with Quartz Sticks into Staffs.


  • Rune Ore
  • Chaos Altar (boss summoning block). Click with Chaos Rune to spawn.
  • Recipe:Chaos Essence Recipe


  • Fire Elemental
  • Water Elemental
  • Ice Elemental
  • Poison Elemental
  • Portal Elemental
  • Desert Elemental
  • Mesa Elemental
  • Ender Elemental
  • Chaos Elemental (boss)


  • 11 Essences (Fire, Water, Ice, Poison, Portal, Desert, Mesa, Ender, Chaos, Light, Dark)
  • 11 Runes (types match Essences)
  • Rune Stone (ore drop)
  • 11 Staffs:
    • Fire: explodes violently
    • Ice: places frosted ice
    • Water: places a water source
    • Poison: does a whole lot of damage (no environmental effect)
    • Portal: places a portal block
    • Desert: raises a block of whatever it hits
    • Mesa: spawns an Iron Golem
    • Ender: teleports you
    • Chaos: makes a lot of lightning!
    • Light: makes it day
    • Dark: makes it night

Chaos Essence Recipe:Chaos Altar Recipe

Mob textures are a little bit bugged. Sorry!

P.S. Most of the essence textures have been changed to look better, as you can see in the image above.

Modification files
RuneCraft 1.0.1 [1.12.2].jar - Runecraft 1.0.1 [1.12.2]Uploaded on: 07/16/2018 - 17:37   File size: 355.69 KB
RuneCraft.mcr - RuneCraft 1.0.1 .mcrUploaded on: 07/16/2018 - 17:38   File size: 276.8 KB

1.0.1 Fixed a problem

1.0.1 Most of the essences have better textures that are different from the picture; this picture was taken in development.

You should make a Dog's tail weapon or something. Just to remember that dog's lovely tail.
Have it growl when used, and bark when it hits something/someone. I think it'd be kinda funny. XD