The Nuka-Cola Mod

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I got bored, so I added Nuka-Cola from the fallout series. I may update this later, maybe not. Drinking different Nuka-Colas will grant the player various effects, and give them a bottle cap, which can be traded with the Nuka-Cola Rep for various items.

Nuka-Cola Emerald is a custom beverage, which will have a unique function soon...

Also the Nuka-Cola Mixer will be the primary way to craft Nuka-Cola. Currently only avaliable in the Creative Menu.

Radiation has been disabled to stop the game from freezing... but I will reimplement it, and the Nuka-Cola Rep is useless.

Things I may add:

- Classic Nuka-Cola varients

- Vim! and all of its varients

- Sunset Sasparilla

- Aqua Pura

- Fallout themed foods?

Modification files - Version 1: Nuka-Cola Rep disabled, and non-functional, Radiation disabled cuz it's broken, Nuka-Cola Mixer non-functional.Uploaded on: 07/03/2021 - 22:37   File size: 75.76 KB