Ancient Gods

Published by Ozammor on Sat, 10/26/2019 - 01:15
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This mod adds two bosses, two powerful weapons, and a new kind of armor.

Celestrial gold ore is extremely rare(As rare as emeralds), however, it's strength is many times that of diamond and you get many useful potion effects.


First, you need to make shrine wood. Shrine wood is made by putting one of every kind of wood log together in a crafting table. 


Next, you put one shrine wood into a crafting table slot to get a Shrine.


Then using the shrine you can summon Apollyon.

I recommend getting full Celestrial Gold Armor before fighting Apollyon. 

Apollyon drops the Celestial broadsword or rarely it will drop lucifer's scepter. 


After slaying Apollyon, you can use the shrine to summon Satan. 


Currently, that is all for the mod. Hopefully more coming soon


Modification files
AncientGods0.5.jar - Beta Release - Some features may require tweaks153.39 KB
AncientGods0.6.jar - Beta Release - Additional features and balancing. A few new weapons and some mobs. 285.82 KB