Published by PeanutsMom on Fri, 10/04/2019 - 20:13
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Stardust is a magic-based mod that adds:


  • Pixie Armor
  • Pixie Tools
  • Pixie
  • Pixie Ore
  • Pixie Ingot
  • Pixie Trident
  • Pixie Dart
  • Red Soup
  • Fire Spirit
  • Mystic Ore
  • Mystic Gem
  • Mystic Armor
  • Mystic Tools
  • Magic Spark
  • Pixie Ball
  • Redstone Ball
  • Red Dimension
  • Pixie Dimension



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Very cool mod, can you make more description?

Nice mod :)
A little more detail in the description would be nice though; that large blank space doesn't look very appealing.

Please describe this mod better and you could improve your textures. Use for all the vanilla textures