Magic Witchcraft

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Magic Witchcraft

Magic Witchcraft is a Minecraft Forge mod that adds mysterious things ...

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Update : JEI support for all machines !

In this mod, there are three categories :

Spectral things, Magical things and Mysterious things.

Spectral things are made with magical things which are made with mysterious things ...

The main item is the magic wand. It allows you to use different orbs.

To use orbs, place one in your left hand and use your magic wand.

This mod allows you to get a lot of cool stuff : a powerful armor, an oven 75 % faster, one shot sword, a hyper fast destroy tool, a 'highlighter', a fast hammer, a mega ender pearl, a chunk analyser, a dimensional switcher, and more ...

There are also useful blocks : teleporters, dimension for mining obsidian, an auto block remover, a magical bookshelf (just ONE block which increase enchanting table level to 30),a farming system (magical wheat and berries) (mystical agriculture support coming soon!)

There are 2 potions : the block fly potion (self-explanatory) and the cobweb potion.

There are many TROLLING stuff : troll water (invisible lava), invisible mine (invisible block which explodes when ANY entity comes in), item troller (A diamond like item which explode when picked up) !

There are 4 main orbs (to use with a magic wand) :

- Fire orb (sets 16x16 area in fire excluding you)

- Frozen orb (replace the grass with packed ice)

- Saturation orb (fills up your hunger bar and makes you won't have to eat for ... a long time!)

- Health orb (instantly gives you all your heart)

And finally, also a custom energy system (not compatible with FE so that's better)

Bonus : There is a Magic Carpet ! You can fly with it !

Note that this mod is not OP : you will have to work hard to get all of these things !

All other things are in the wiki.

Don't forget to take a look at the CurseForge page !

Thank you !

Modification files
[1.12.2]MagicWitchcraft-release_1.4.1.jar - The first 1.12.2 release avaible on !Uploaded on: 01/19/2021 - 18:20   File size: 3.23 MB
[1.14.4]MagicWitchcraft-release_1.1.2.jar - The first 1.14.4 release avaible on !Uploaded on: 01/19/2021 - 18:21   File size: 3.94 MB
[1.15.2]MagicWitchcraft-release_1.1.2.jar - The first 1.15.2 release avaible on !Uploaded on: 01/19/2021 - 18:21   File size: 3.95 MB
[1.16.5]MagicWitchcraft-v1.4.jar - 1.16.5 version update !Uploaded on: 05/15/2021 - 17:39   File size: 4.12 MB

Changelog (1.16.5 only):
- Added JEI support
- Fixed troll water cannot be crafted
- Fixed magical bushes not growing
- Fixed some translations bugs and fully translated in FR
- Updated bounding boxes
- Improved chunk analyser system (now writes a txt file in game dir)


the description and photos are quite a mess, you just repeat things and i didnt understand much of the mod, but from the photos i can see some sick stuff, so if you improve the description im sure this can be easily motw