Magic Witchcraft

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Magic Witchcraft

Magic Witchcraft is a Minecraft Forge mod that adds mysterious things ...

Magic Witchcraft logo

In this mod, there are three categories :

Spectral things, Magical things and Mysterious things.

Spectral things are made with magical things which are made with mysterious things ...

The main item is the magic wand. It allows you to use different orbs.

To use orbs, place one in your left hand and use your magic wand.

All other things are in the wiki.

Don't forget to take a look at the CurseForge page !

Thank you !

Modification files
[1.12.2]MagicWitchcraft-release_1.4.1.jar - The first 1.12.2 release avaible on !3.23 MB
[1.14.4]MagicWitchcraft-release_1.1.2.jar - The first 1.14.4 release avaible on !3.94 MB
[1.15.2]MagicWitchcraft-release_1.1.2.jar - The first 1.15.2 release avaible on !3.95 MB
[1.16.4]MagicWitchcraft-release_1.1.1.jar - The first 1.16.4 release avaible on !4.01 MB

Full changelog on Github ( !
Thank  you !

the description and photos are quite a mess, you just repeat things and i didnt understand much of the mod, but from the photos i can see some sick stuff, so if you improve the description im sure this can be easily motw