Pumpkins and Halloween

Published by drekac on Thu, 10/29/2015 - 18:17
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Note: I'm only 15 and this is my first released mod. I worked hard on everything: video, textures, this post,... and sorry I had to hurry since halloween is already everywhere. So please if you wanna support or just help me. Subscribe on my youtube channel. Thanks!

Mod Review by MinecraftUniverse:

Mod Review by AN7HONY96 (in spanish)


This mod adds:

- A unique biome filled with huge pumpkins
- New food
- New blocks
- New materials
- 4 new mobs
- New armor
- Achievements
- Masks!!!

New biome at spawn seed: 127849592680880424

Minecraft forums:


Download mirror:

0.8.2 MediaFire: http://bit.ly/1P8RSqE
0.8.1 MediaFire: http://bit.ly/1kVBBuj





1. Angry pumpkin - Aggressive
Pumpkins filled with magma cubes, that will leave the pumpkin and come out for a fight if you damage them.
2. Mecha pumpkin - Pet
Craft a mechanical pumpkin that will fight zombies and skeletons for you! Won't move unless you bait them with roasted pumpkin seeds.
3. A Space ship - Aggressive
A mysterious ship from space, that randomly spawn in overworld. (It wasn't misspelled or anything ofc :p)
4. Cursed rocks - Unfinished
It should be able to spawn in world, move and look. But doesn't have any purpose yet.


1. Roasted pumpkin seeds - Food
Cook pumpkin seeds to make. You can lure Mecha pumpkins with it!
2. UFO part - Material
Dropped from Space ships. Used for a mask and crafting Mecha pumpkin.
3. Pumpkin core - Material
Dropped from Angry pumpkins. Used for a mask and crafting Mecha pumpkin.
4. Pumpkin ingot - Material
Smelted from pumpkin hearts. Used to craft armor and Mecha pumpkin.
5. Mecha pumpkin (item) - Summon
Right click to spawn a Mecha pumpkin to defend you!


1. Pumpkin grass - Garnish
Just an astetic ground block for new biome.
2. Pumpkin stem - Garnish
The blocks hold up huge mutated pumpkins. 
3. Pumpkin chunk - Garnish
A chunk of pumpkin...
4. Pumpkin heart - Material
Found inside huge pumkins. Cooked into pumpkin ingots. Has animated texture.


1. Pumpkin armor - Armor
Crafted like any other armor, just out of pumpkin ingots.
2. Masks - Garnish
Halloween stuff! Used for scaring and all fun in general. Crafted with iron helmet in middle and above the mob's drop. (ex.: For skeleton mask-bone)

Thanks a ton for checking my mod out! For more check out my youtube channel. Have a nice day ;)

Modification files
Pumpkins and Halloween.zip - Version MB
HalloweenAndPumpkinsModV0.8.2.zip - Version MB

This is a bit like my mod but has more but mine is not just halloween. Like the hollow pumpkin i have that.

Welldone on your mod, it is amazing as I can see you put a lot of work into this mod. I am currently downloading this. Cant wait to play it.

Very nicely done. How did you get those large pumpkins to generate properly like that, or did you manually do that for the purpose of the video?

@#3 No I made them in schematics and they spawn like random structures in new biome. They didn't want to spawn out of ground so I made the schematic taller, now they're still in ground, but look nice.
If you try the mod you can find them like in the video. I love how it came out to generate.

@#3.1 I was looking around for some Halloween Themed mods, and this just rocks! My wife and I both play Minecraft, and this Halloween is our 10 year Anniversary. So we will definitely be playing this later!

this mod looks nice created a resoiurce pack check it out at some time:D

Lol My Pylo account name is Elite mod creator but im still noob your mod is great

best Halloween mod ever

@#7 Thanks a lot for nice words :) Means a lot. This isn't my first my first mod. Just keep trying and you'll make better mods.
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