Pumpkins and Halloween

Submitted by drekac on Thu, 10/29/2015 - 18:17
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Note: I'm only 15 and this is my first released mod. I worked hard on everything: video, textures, this post,... and sorry I had to hurry since halloween is already everywhere. So please if you wanna support or just help me. Subscribe on my youtube channel. Thanks!

Mod Review by MinecraftUniverse:

Mod Review by AN7HONY96 (in spanish)


This mod adds:

- A unique biome filled with huge pumpkins
- New food
- New blocks
- New materials
- 4 new mobs
- New armor
- Achievements
- Masks!!!

New biome at spawn seed: 127849592680880424

Minecraft forums:


Download mirror:

0.8.2 MediaFire: http://bit.ly/1P8RSqE
0.8.1 MediaFire: http://bit.ly/1kVBBuj





1. Angry pumpkin - Aggressive
Pumpkins filled with magma cubes, that will leave the pumpkin and come out for a fight if you damage them.
2. Mecha pumpkin - Pet
Craft a mechanical pumpkin that will fight zombies and skeletons for you! Won't move unless you bait them with roasted pumpkin seeds.
3. A Space ship - Aggressive
A mysterious ship from space, that randomly spawn in overworld. (It wasn't misspelled or anything ofc :p)
4. Cursed rocks - Unfinished
It should be able to spawn in world, move and look. But doesn't have any purpose yet.


1. Roasted pumpkin seeds - Food
Cook pumpkin seeds to make. You can lure Mecha pumpkins with it!
2. UFO part - Material
Dropped from Space ships. Used for a mask and crafting Mecha pumpkin.
3. Pumpkin core - Material
Dropped from Angry pumpkins. Used for a mask and crafting Mecha pumpkin.
4. Pumpkin ingot - Material
Smelted from pumpkin hearts. Used to craft armor and Mecha pumpkin.
5. Mecha pumpkin (item) - Summon
Right click to spawn a Mecha pumpkin to defend you!


1. Pumpkin grass - Garnish
Just an astetic ground block for new biome.
2. Pumpkin stem - Garnish
The blocks hold up huge mutated pumpkins. 
3. Pumpkin chunk - Garnish
A chunk of pumpkin...
4. Pumpkin heart - Material
Found inside huge pumkins. Cooked into pumpkin ingots. Has animated texture.


1. Pumpkin armor - Armor
Crafted like any other armor, just out of pumpkin ingots.
2. Masks - Garnish
Halloween stuff! Used for scaring and all fun in general. Crafted with iron helmet in middle and above the mob's drop. (ex.: For skeleton mask-bone)

Thanks a ton for checking my mod out! For more check out my youtube channel. Have a nice day ;)

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This is a bit like my mod but has more but mine is not just halloween. Like the hollow pumpkin i have that.

@#1 I can see that. I've put another texture inside so it looks ok. Nice modeling btw, I suck at block modeling xD.
Btw if you wanna, please subscribe to my youtube channel :33 Would mean a lot!

Submitted by JustGameIn on Fri, 10/30/2015 - 14:55

Welldone on your mod, it is amazing as I can see you put a lot of work into this mod. I am currently downloading this. Cant wait to play it.

Submitted by revmykl777 on Fri, 10/30/2015 - 20:13

Very nicely done. How did you get those large pumpkins to generate properly like that, or did you manually do that for the purpose of the video?

@#3 No I made them in schematics and they spawn like random structures in new biome. They didn't want to spawn out of ground so I made the schematic taller, now they're still in ground, but look nice.
If you try the mod you can find them like in the video. I love how it came out to generate.

@#3.1 I was looking around for some Halloween Themed mods, and this just rocks! My wife and I both play Minecraft, and this Halloween is our 10 year Anniversary. So we will definitely be playing this later!

Submitted by cool man50 on Fri, 10/30/2015 - 20:40

this mod looks nice created a resoiurce pack check it out at some time:D