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MOTW As of 14/07/2017


Welcome to Essence Craft Alpha
Essence Craft is a mod about the elements, refered to as essences, the mod is in EARLY ALPHA, it is no-where near completion, and ALOT IS PLANNED, AND ALOT IS MISSING/BROKEN, if you have any issues or ideas, post them below

Essence Craft Features

Essence Craft will have 3 basic elements, followed by 3 advanced elements, which will be combined to make the final essence. (note that that will probably take a while to actually be in the mod) it is to have many dimensions, bosses and more. the mods most unique feature is the mana bar, found in the top-right corner of the screen, upon use of certain items in the mod, it will depleat and will only refill with the use of a mana potion or the command /moarmanapls


Pure Essence

The pure essence is the most basic essence, hence the name 'Pure' Essence, it does not have any special powers, however it is used to create the other essences.

Pure Essence Ore

It spawns around diamond layer, and upon smelting it will give a Pure Essence Ingot

Pure Essence Ingot

To obtain a Pure Essence Ingot, simply smelt some Pure Essence Ore, it can also be used to create Pure Essence Powder, and the Pure Essence Block

Essence Extractor

The Essence Extractor is an EXTREMLY important block, upon right-click with an Essence Ingot, it will extract its essence and give you Pure Essence Powder

Pure Essence Powder

Pure Essence Powder is the most basic possible essence in the game, it is crafted by right-clicking an Essence Extractor with a Pure Essence Ingot. It is used to create the essences for the other elements using their respective infusers.

Familiar Catcher


The Familiar Catcher is used to obtain a pacified version of certain mobs inside this mod. it uses roughly 5 mana upon use

Fire Essence

The fire essence is the most self-explanitory of the essences, as its uses includes creating rings of fire, armour that creates trails of fire and more.


Fire Infuser



The Fire Infuser will starts off in its off state. while it's like this, it is useless and cannot turn Pure Essence into Fire Essence. To turn it on, follow the steps bellow:

  1. Grab a Ender Infuser (Look in the 'misc' catagory for info)
  2. Place it Atop the fire infuser
  3. The fire infuser should transform into this:


You have now made an activated Fire Infuser, you may remove the Ender Infuser atop it. If you right-click on the block with some Pure Essence Powder you will recive some Fire Essence Powder, which can be turned into a Fire Essence ingot or a Fire Core, both of which are vital to crafting fire items

Fire Essence Powder

Fire Essence Powder used to craft Fire Essence Ingots and Fire Cores. Instructions for crafting are above

Fire Essence Ingot

The Fire Essence Ingot used to craft items such as the Fire Sword etc.

Fire Core

A fire core is used to craft certain items in the mod as well as the Fire Infuser.

Fire Tools
The fire tools are self explanitory, they are simply a Sword, a Pick and a Axe, they are crafted like how you would expect, except with blaze rods instead of sticks. the axe and sword have a seconed ability that give temporary fire imunity, however it will cost 1-2 mana

Fire Wand

The Fire Wand is a wand that creates a ring of fire around the user, it costs 1-2 mana upon use (note: it is currently craftable, this will be replaced by a structure spawn in later builds)

Upgraded Fire Core

The Upgraded Fire Core is used to activate the powers inside the Fire Armour, activating the boots fire trail and the fire resistance

Fire Armour

The Fire Armour is, well, a set of armour, when it is equiped by itself, it will do nothing, however, if you have a Upgraded Fire Core in your inventory, its powers will initialise, the boots will create a trail of fire and the Armour will grant fire resistance.

Fire Brute Familiar

The Fire Brute Familiar is an item that will spawn the mob of the same name, it is obtained by right-clicking a Fire Brute with a Familiar Catcher




Fire Brute

The Fire Brute is a simple mob that spawns in the nether and attacks the player. It has a chance to drop a fire core upon death.

Fire Brute Familiar

The Fire Brute Familiar is the familiar version of the Fire Brute.












Version A0.1: -Released


Modification files
essence_craft_alpha_0.1.jar - Just the AlphaUploaded on: 07/04/2017 - 23:11   File size: 384.16 KB - The Alpha AND the MapUploaded on: 07/04/2017 - 23:11   File size: 5.29 MB

I've tried this mod and I've played the tutorial map... Congratulations, this mod is really well done! I like especially the mana bar and the Fire Infuser!

Note, unfortunately due to MCreator issues, I will be halting development of this mod until the next update of mcreator

How did you get your's to work because when tested my mod it just crashed after loading for a minute...

ARGHHH! Thank you!
Thank you all for MOTW! i didn't even complete the description yet and i got MOTW!!!!!