Riftstorm RPG

Published by Nocube on Fri, 09/11/2020 - 08:41
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Greetings and welcome! I'm NOCub3, the guy, who wanna try to make a real high-quality RPG Mod for Minecraft, which will provide a new fresh expirence even for skilled players!
The main goals of this mod are both quality and quantity!
Let's check what we have in this mod already:

Undead Gear is a set of dreadful things which will help you survive until the dawn! It was added to make zombie/skeleton farming more useful for players!

  • Undead Fragment is a material item which is crafted by 1 Rotten Flesh and 3 Bones
  • Bone Tools are almost as good as iron ones! But their main feature is high enchantability, bigger than golden tools! Crafted with Bones and Undead Shards
  • Skeleton Blade is a sword, which is a bit faster than regular ones and deals 5.5 melee damage.
  • Skull Flail - a very powerful and slow weapon, which will inflict 8 damage per hit!
  • Undead Shuriken - a ranged weapon which can be stacked up to 64. It will deal 4 damage and has average throw speed. It will also inflict a weak knockback at target!

BEACH ROCKS - a new worldgen feature to make your beaches feel not that empty!
They can be mined with any pickaxe to get a Seastone Block.

Some of these rocks are overgrown by Limpets. These small mollusks can be harvested by right-clicking them with Iron Dagger.
Limpets are dangerous to be eaten raw, so make sure to cook them before eating!

Both Iron Dagger and Iron Flail are new weapons which are made by using Iron as main material

  • Iron Flail is a very heavy melee weapon. Crafted with 3 Iron Ingots and 3 Iron Nuggets
  • Iron Dagger is a fast melee weapon. Crafted with 1 Iron Ingots and 1 Sandstone Stick, which is crafted by using Sandbar

Sandstone Gear is a Desert-themed or Beach-themed early game gear.

  • Sandbar is a material which is crafted with 2 Sandstone and 2 Sand Blocks
  • Sandstone Stick is a material which is crafted with 2 Sandbars

    These both are used to make following items:

  • Sanstone Knife is a fast melee weapon
  • Sanstone Naginata is a medium-speed melee weapon
  • Sanstone Scythe is an item which can be used both as Hoe and a Weapon
  • Sanstone Axe is a good tool
  • Desert Chakram is a fast-speed thrown weapon

Desert Pendant is an unique item which provides speed bonus when held in main hand. Holding this offhand will not give any bonuses. It is crafted with 5 Sandbar, 1 Glass Block and 1 Sandbar Block

To make them use Sandstone Bucket which is crafted with 3 Sandbars! To use the bucket you should Right-click the Sand Block. Make sure you have some Sand Blocks also in your inventory! Then you will build a nice lil sandcastle, which can be collected and placed somewhere outside sand blocks!

Red Sand Gear
It's all the same but crafted with Red Sand and Red Sandstone. Also have boosted speed, efficiency, damage and durability!
And Red Sandcastles are inculded!

And the last two items are two swords.

  • Blade of Sandstorm is a powerful sword which is crafted with 3 Sandbars, 3 Red Sandbars, 1 Redsand Naginata, 1 Sandstone Naginata and Golden Sword.
  • Glass sword is made by smelting previous sword in Furnace or Blast Furnace. It's just a single-use sword which is kinda joke item.

Mummies in Deserts and Dark Mummies in Badlands!

Bandages and Mummy Clothes!

New Treasures and Ruins!

Saguaro Cacti

Cactial Gear

The BOSS himself! await for next update to find his giant and dangerous Pyramid and defeat Him!

Well, that's all for now, in next updates there will be more stuff to come, including:

+New Gear
+New Mobs
+Modded Mounts (some of them are already done but not balanced)
+New building and deco blocks
+New structures. Dimensions are not planned yet.

Sorry if my English sometimes is bad, I'm a russian youtuber dude who just loves creating stuff, and this is my first minecraft mod submission!
I will be glad to any reviews, also if you wanna support me you can put likes and subscribes

Modification files
Riftstorm RPG 0.1.jar - [The Initial Version]42.93 KB
Riftstorm RPG 0.2.1.jar - [Sandcastles and etc]210.52 KB
Riftstorm RPG 0.2.2.jar - [Cactial Madness]437.7 KB
Riftstorm RPG 0.2.3.jar - [Lil bugfix]494.41 KB

0.2.3 Update - [Lil bugfix]
Now proper Saguaro Armor recipe does work
Fixed few incorrect names in russian translation
Decreased damage of Cactus Shortsword a bit

Added Sphinx
Decreased spawn rate of Desert Pillars and modded Cacti a bit

Additions for next update
Scarab - new mob![WIP Creative only]
Scarab Chitin
Scarab Shell
Scarab Shellmet
Scarab Shellplate
Scarab Shelleggings
Scarab Shellshoes

Infested Sandstone
Bandage Block
Temple Lamp


[0.2.2 "CACTIAL MADNESS" - Bugfix and new stuff]


  • Iron Dagger damage reduced from 4.8 to 3.8
  • Sandstone Knife damage decreased to 2.8
  • Redsand Knife damage decreased to 3
  • Glass Sword damage increased from 12 to 20
  • Fixed Undead Shuriken, Desert Chakram and Redsand Chakram accidently dealing double damage
  • Sandbar is renamed to Deserite Bar
  • Red Sandbar is renamed to Redeserite Bar
  • Overhauled and fixed most item tooltips
  • Added Russian translation
  • Additional recipe for Pink Dye with Saguaro Flower
  • All modded blocks are now located in new creative tab Riftstorm Blocks
  • Mummy does not spawn in Badlands anymore, not it is replaced with Shadow Mummy

New Blocks:

  • Saguaro Cacti
  • Smooth Saguaro
  • Cacti Saguaro Flower
  • Limpets Block
  • Seastone Slab
  • Seastone Stairs
  • Seastone Wall
  • Polished Seastone
  • Polished Seastone Slab
  • Polished Seastone Stairs
  • Polished Seastone Wall
  • Sandstone Pillar
  • Clay Jug
  • Desert Vase
  • Loot Jug
  • Desert Loot Vase

New Items:

  • Cactial Helmet
  • Cactial Breastplate
  • Cactial Greaves
  • Cactial Boots
  • Blooming Cactial Headgear
  • Cactus Shortsword
  • Cactus Sword
  • Cactus Pickaxe
  • Cactus Axe
  • Bandage
  • Mummy Mask
  • Mummy Shirt
  • Mummy Pants
  • Mummy Boots

New Mobs:

  • Shadow Mummy
  • Boss: Rahoteph, the False Pharaoh (unspawnable test)

Worldgen additions:

  • Saguaro Cacti (Desert surface)
  • Rare Saguaro Cacti (Desert surface)
  • Ancient Pillars (Desert surface)
  • Single Jugs (Anywhere underground)
  • Small Jug Cave (Anywhere underground)
  • Medium Jug Cave (Anywhere underground)
  • Large Jug Cave (Anywhere underground)



New Blocks:

  • Undead Fragment Block
  • Sandbar Block
  • Red Sandbar Block
  • Sandcastle
  • Red Sandcastle
  • Seastone Block
  • Mollusk Seastone Block

New Items:

  • Iron Flail
  • Iron Dagger
  • Sandbar
  • Sandstone Stick
  • Sandstone Bucket
  • Chakram
  • Sandstone Naginata
  • Sandstone Knife
  • Sandstone Scythe
  • Sandstone Axe
  • Desert Pendant
  • Red Sandbar
  • Red Sandstone Bucket
  • Redsand Chakram
  • Redsand Naginata
  • Redsand Knife
  • Redsand Scythe
  • Redsand Axe
  • Blade of Sandstorm
  • Glass Sword
  • Limpets
  • Cooked Limpets

New Mob:

  • Mummy

 Added Undead Essence
 Added Bone Pickaxe
 Added Bone Hatchet
 Added Skeleton Blade
 Added Skull Flail
 Added Undead Shuriken

Great mod! I love these textures, can't wait to see the new updates :D