Published by sssssh on Tue, 12/25/2018 - 22:01
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Welcome to Biota!


Biota meaning: "the animal and plant life of a particular region, habitat, or geological period."

This mod is a sort of combination between tech and magic. The Zel Fuser works upon the arrangement of flowers around it and an item in it's input slot, the Advanced Brewing Stand requires certain ingredients to be inserted into the slots to create potions, the Purpilium Reconstructor uses lightning to build new resources and every machine has its own unique properties

Find the official Curseforge page here:

Official website:

Every plant in this mod exists in real life, even the purple mushroom! (Look up: Cortinarius violaceus)

This mod adds:

  • 30+ naturally occurring plants and flowers! 
  • more potions that can be crafted in the "Advanced Brewing Stand"
  • rods with special abilities
  • A global power source, called 'Zel'
  • a new dimension
  • some handy machines
  • and much, much more!

Some of the structures:

Dusty cabin:

Dusty cabin




Where do I find the recipes for the machines?

For the list of recipes for all the blocks please see the official Biota website:

How do I get crystalline?

To gain crystalline please activate the inter-planetary portal with the activation rod.

Where do I find the flowers?

Nearly any biome.

Is this a copy of Botania?

No it is inspired, but not copied, and explores ideas never seen in Botania.

Can I use Biota in my modpack?

Yes, feel free to and tell when the pack is done!


Comment what you think should be added/changed/fixed 

Modification files
Biota v5.1.1.jar - Overhaul of armour, flower spawning is a lot better now, zel stone and much more.1.31 MB

Nice mod :)
If you want do add something, can you add some features to flowers (maybe something like suspicious stew or Botania magical flowers) rather than new dimensions? Dimensions cause a lot of incompatibilities :(

Ok, good idea! I am in the process of creating a new sort of "crafting" system for a certain block which, for the creation of certain items, requires an arrangement of flowers around it. Also I'm creating a "better brewing stand" for more potions!

I have just updated the mod if you would like to have a look. The Zel Fuser and Advanced Brewing Stand have been added and you can create different things with them. For more info see the description.

Congratulations for winning Mod of the Week :)

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