Magic Wands

Published by VoltemPL on Wed, 01/19/2022 - 18:09
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In development
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Latest supported Minecraft version

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This Mod add to game a lot of amazing wands which give you effects!(Best download JEI mod too

Effects Of Wands:
Wand Of Speed- speed
Wand Of Jump Boost- jump boost
Wand Of Slow Falling- slow falling
Wand Of Regeneration- regeneration
Wand Of Saturation- saturation
Wand Of Water Breathing- water breathing
Wand Of Haste- haste
Wand Of Fire Resistance- fire resistance
Wand Of Strength- strength
Wand Of Expulsion- levitation
Wand Of Night Vision- night vision
Wand Of Resistance- resistance

Some wands have next tiers which upgradesย their effects.ย 


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Modification files
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