Gr33n's Magica

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1.8K Downloads on CurseForge!1.18 is here!

Magic cards!!!!

Gr33n's Magica Is A simple Magic Mod Based On a Card Game That I Was Developing.


  There are Many Spells, and plenty of Room To Expand!!
But Hey Magic Is Not Free You Know. To Start You will
Need A Good Source Of XP As All Spells, Will Need Some
To Cast! Most Won't Even Let You Cast Without At least
1 Level Of XP. You Can Craft Most Spells From 4 Types,
            And The 5 Most Basic Elements.

           (Magic, Fire, Water, Earth, and Air)


        The Other 10 Elements Can Be Crafted From The First 5!
They Are as Follows Light, Dark, Coronal, Astral, Void, Energy, Life, Death, Acid, and Tech!

Here's How To Start! You Can Get the Five Basic Elements
From Mobs That You Kill! Magic Comes From All Mobs
Monster and Animal Alike, Fire Can Come From Any Mob that
is immune To Fire, Water Comes From Anything That drowns on
Land, Earth Comes From The Undead, And Air from Anthropods.

Examples Of Where To Get The First 5 Make a Farm For One or All Of These!


     Magic- Anything
     Fire - Blaze, Ghast, Zoglins, And Piggins
     Water - Drowned, Squid, Fish, Guardians, And Axolotals(i don't recommend the last one t-t)
     Earth - Zombies, Drowned, Zoglins, and Zombie Piggins
     Air - Spider, Cave Spider, and Silver Fish


  Most Spells Are Pretty Straight Forward With What They Do!
Some Are a Little different 2 of the 15 wall Spells don't
Make a structure like the others. but instead, Effect those
Directly Around you To help you try and make an escape.


I FIXED THE WORKSPACE!!!! WOOO (only took a few hours of fiddling with files)

This means the mod will continue to receive updates tho I am dropping 1.16.5 V1.5.5 is the last 1.16.5 version of the mod 

I will continue on with 1.17 and 1.18 when I can support it!


Edited 1/28/22 Gramatical Errors correctet lol

If you would like to help keep me motivated and maybe even get somthing you want added you can donate on my curseforge page!


Older Files Are avalible on CurseForge as you can only have 4 files here


PLZ inform me before reuploading this on other sites the only offical places for this mod RN are Modrinth,Curseforge, And Here* Be Suspisous Of ANY other site (Here* is Mcreator)

AVOID minecraftpatch They have Riped Most Content off Of Mcreator Around Feb.26th 

Modification files
Gr33n's Magica V 1.6.1 - 1.19.X [Enchantment tests].jar - New Craftable Enchants! Requires 10 levels of XP per enchanted bookUploaded on: 06/05/2023 - 03:59   File size: 986.26 KB
Gr33n's Magica V.1.6.0 1.19.x[Forge] .jar - 1.19.x And bug fixesUploaded on: 01/05/2023 - 03:43   File size: 835.65 KB
Gr33n's Magica V.1.5.9 1.18.x[Forge] Bugfixes.jar - Bug FixesUploaded on: 04/16/2022 - 15:57   File size: 810.57 KB
Gr33n's Magica 1.5.8 - 1.17.1 [Forge].jar - Version 1.5.8 - Summon MagicUploaded on: 02/26/2022 - 01:38   File size: 745.28 KB

1.5.5 - 1.16.5 / 1.17.1

Added . . . 10 more Projectile Spells Cards 

Added . . . 10 more Self Spell Cards 

Added . . . 10 more Elemental Cards 

Added . . . 15 Curse Cards

Added . . . CurseToggle Game rule

Added . . . Recipes

Added . . . 2 Structures

Fixed . . . Workspace

Version Change . . . 1.16.5 -> 1.17.1

Dropping Future support for 1.16.5  


1.5.6 - 1.17.1

Added . . . New Special Spells
 - Beserk
 - Summon Villager (summons custome Villager with no AI who trades special spells some trades rarer than others) 

Added/Updated . . . New Structures 
 - Smite Rod Now Made of Copper blocks and lightning rods
 - Nomad Camp Added
 -MiniSun And Mini Moon Structures where too common

Feture Add . . . Blinding light attack card now places light when it its a block instead of mob

Fixed . . . Cureses Toggle (not toggleing some spells)

Fixed . . . Some Spell Procedures (Some spells where not connected to trigers properly)

Fixed . . . Other minor Bug Fixes 


1.5.7 - 1.17.1

Added . . . New Type! Rune

Added . . . 15 Rune Spells 

Added . . . New Recipes for Runes

Added . . . In-game Documentation!! (currently very simple)


1.5.8 - 1.17.1

Added . . . New Type! Summons!

Added . . . 15 Summon Spells

Added . . . New Recipes For Summmons

Added . . . 15 _Element_Type NBT tag curently unused

Updated . . . In-game Doc (still simple)


1.5.8 - 1.18.x

Altered CronalRunes Program

1.6.1 - 1.19.x (wow i havent been keeping this up to date t-t)
Added . . . Enchantment Qurrying
Added . . . Enchantment Excavation
Added . . . Enchantment Synthisis
Added . . . Enchantment alter
Added . . . Enchantment alter Reipe( Quarrying )
Added . . . Enchantment alter Reipe( Excavation )
Added . . . Enchantment alter Reipe( Synthisis )
Added . . . Enchantment alter Reipe( Silk Touch )
Added . . . Enchantment alter Reipe( FireAspect )
Added . . . Enchantment alter Reipe( Fire Prot. )
More To Come in the future!

Hello there! I am checking your mod every once in a while, glad you are still working on it!

Nice mod, but I think you should balance some of these cards more. Some runes that place blocks just replace all blocks, which could cause players to lose a lot of work when used in survival 🥲

Your talking about the Rune of earth right? I have been trying to figure it out but I also think it's pretty good for an instant mine of a large area tho the dropping of what was mined is broken and I am still trying to figure out how to fix it. Thx For the Feedback I appreciate it

You stole my idea))) I am working on an similar mod too. If you want, you can help me to create it.