Gr33n's Magica

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Project status
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Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version

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Magic cards!!!!

Kill Monsters, Gather Cards , Craft spells

19 Cards Altogether 

10 Spells

5 Elements (kill monsters to get)

4 Types (can be crafted)


The 5 elements are Magic/Mana , Fire ,Water ,Earth , Air/wind

all attack spells have 8 uses ,Self spells Are 1 use but stack, curses and Wall spells are not implemented yet


Arthropods drop air cards

Undead Mobs drop Earth Cards

Any mob immune to Fire Drops Fire cards

Water mobs drop Water Cards

All mobs have a chance of Dropping magic Cards

Modification files
Gr33n's Magica V1_0.jar - Version 1.0119.02 KB

Added . . . 5 Projectile Spells Cards (Magic Shot, Fire Ball, Earth Dart, Magic Arrow, Trident Shot)

Added . . . 5 Self Spell Cards (Heal, Fire Resist, Water Breathing, Haste, Levitation)

Added . . . 5 Elemental Cards (Magic, Water, Earth, Air, Fire)

Added . . . 4 Type Cards (Projectile, Self, Curse, Wall)

Added . . . Recipes


You stole my idea))) I am working on an similar mod too. If you want, you can help me to create it.