Kingdom of foxes

Published by Solmonaar on Mon, 11/16/2020 - 09:03
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Kingdom of foxes (KOF) is a magic mod that's adding new magical stuff in your minecraft game. There are two magic energies: The Elthire (the sunshine energy) and the Ilteri (the moonshine energy). The Elthire energy can't be used during the night and at the opposite the Iltheri energy can't be used during the day. Use this two energies to make your life easier but don't let them controle you.

This two energy are provided by orbs: the glowing flower orb for the Elthire and the lunar orb for th Iltheri.

Obviously take the latest version.


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Modification files
Kingdom of foxes 0.1.jar - Kingdom of foxes 0.1: the very first version of the mod268.06 KB
Kingdome of foxes 0.1.1.jar - A fixed version of 0.1336.75 KB
Kingdom of foxes 0.1.2.jar - a little version that add new little features410.33 KB


  • added lunar forest
  • added automn forest


  • added oak log with a hole
  • added automn leaves and automn leaves pile
  • added lunar leaves and lunar leaves pile
  • added glowing flower
  • added lunar grass
  • added lunar rock
  • added lunar stone
  • added lunar stone bricks, lunar stone bricks slab and lunar stone bricks stair


  • added glowing staff
  • added lunar staff
  • added glowing orb
  • added lunar orb
  • added lunar crystal
  • added lunar crystal powder
  • added acorn
  • added living stick


  • added Lunar tower


  • added Elthire bar overlay
  • added Itheri bar overlay
  • added Elthire energy
  • added Iltheri energy


  • added tree protector
  • added karak
  • added lunar wizard


  • added glowing flower crop


  • added glowing flower seeds


  • added infusion key (i per default)

fixed Elthire and Iltheri energy

  • added candle
  • added all vanilla leaves pile


  • added vegetal fiber (can replace string in some recipes)


  • added glowing particle
  • added lunar particle

Pay attention to not spam click the orbs or the staffs, it can break the mod. I'm working for a fix.

A very original mod, Keep it up its awesome. (Reminds me of dragon ball, why?)
But ya, keep it up and hopefully update it. And a recommendation: add a mob or something that spawns on those biomes that gives you orbs. Would be awesome to see!

The tree protector gives you living stick for the craft of the two staffs and the lunar wizard gives you lunar powder for the craft of the lunar orb.
the only mob that is useless for the moment is the karak.