Sunny Moony Magic

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This project is restarting from the begining and possibly not look like the original idea!

Old files would still be downloadable.

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Sunny Moony Magic (SMM) is a magic mod that's adding new magical stuff in your minecraft game. There are two magic energies: The Elthire (the sunshine energy) and the Ilteri (the moonshine energy). Use this two energies to make your life easier but don't let them controle you.

Your your first step to control those magic energy is to craft an altar. Then right click the altar with amethist crytal during night or day and get magical crystal.
Crush thos crystals into powder with a mortar. Put this powder in your off-hand, glass in your main hand and roght click the altar again to get magic orbs. Craft a staff with those orbs and some living given by living trunks. 

Charge your mana bars with extra orbs and jave fun with your new magic powers.

Obviously take the latest version.


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Modification files
Sunny Moony Magic 0.2-1.20.1.jar - tha adventure beginsUploaded on: 02/11/2024 - 12:11   File size: 185.91 KB
Sunny Moony Magic 0.1-1.20.1_0.jar - A new iteration of an old projectUploaded on: 01/31/2024 - 21:40   File size: 114.43 KB
Kingdom of foxes 0.1.4-1.16.4.jar - The version that upgrade the mod from 1.15.2 to 1.16.4Uploaded on: 03/23/2021 - 17:32   File size: 646.42 KB

Sunny Moony Magic 1.20.1


  • Added altar
  • Added mortar and pestle
  • Added sun and moon shards
  • Added sun and moon dust
  • Added sun and moon orbs
  • Added Elthire staff
  • Added Iltheri staff



  • added Elthire and Iltheri mana bar
  • added living trunk
  • added living stick
  • changed Staffs' crafts

I'm offended at the idea of killing "horrible" creepers. :(


A very original mod, Keep it up its awesome. (Reminds me of dragon ball, why?)
But ya, keep it up and hopefully update it. And a recommendation: add a mob or something that spawns on those biomes that gives you orbs. Would be awesome to see!

The tree protector gives you living stick for the craft of the two staffs and the lunar wizard gives you lunar powder for the craft of the lunar orb.
the only mob that is useless for the moment is the karak.