Gr33n's Other Magic

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This Simple Magic Mod is My second Attempt at Making a Magic Mod Inspired By D&D, Project E and Wynn Craft.

This mod Has/Will Have a few ways to cast, utilize and Have Fun with magic

Some simple Spells have been implemented as well as a few new items Don't worry they aren't too hard to get

Like my last mod all spells and forms of magic use EXP as fuel! no need for silly mana bars!

as long as you have the EXP and Reagents you can Cast to your hearts content!

The most Basic of Spells is mage Arrow Simply Right click with the Spell focus in your off hand and the reagent in your main hand and it will launch an arrow for 1 XP point!! Be a aware spell foci only have so many uses till they disappear.

wanted to be a Participant MCreator x CurseForge ModJam 2024 But the mod wasnt pollished enough or something even tho it was up befor the cut off

A list of some spells

Spell                         Reagent          Levels needed    Cost              Effect

Lighting              Nether Star           5                   5 Levels             Strike lightning  Where the Player is looking

Summon Fey      Wither Rose           4                   4 Levels          50/50 chance  To Summon Vex Or Ally  On player
Fireball               Fire Charge          3                     3 Levels        Throw a fireball Toward  Where the player is looking
Night Vision       Carrot                  2                     2 Levels   Gives1 Min Of night vision to  the Player
Leaping              Rabbits Hide            2                    2 Levels     Gives 1 Min Of Jump Boost to  the  Player

Mage Arrow      NONE                    1                      1 Point     Shoots Arrow Where Player is looking

Modification files
greens_other_magic-1.0.0-neoforge-1.20.4.jar - A simple Magic Mod Inspired By D&D, Project E, And WynnCraft Still very much a WIP but a wroking build 1.0.0Uploaded on: 05/21/2024 - 02:09   File size: 35.37 KB

Version 1.0.0 

Added . . .  The First Spells


Fire Ball

Summon Fey

Night Vision


Mage Arrow


Added . . .  The First Transmutations

Sand > Red Sand

Red Sand > Sand

Cobble > Mossy Cobble

Mossy Cobble > Cobble