Magical Wands

Published by guigs77 on Wed, 08/07/2019 - 11:22
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The devloppement of the mod is on my youtube channel :

This mod adds :

 - Mana ore, mana dust, mana ingot and mana ingot block

 - Electricity catalyst, fire catalyst, poison catalyst, water catalyst and ender catalyst

 - Ender wand, electricity wand and poison wand

Wands utilities :

 - Ender wand : right clic on a bloc to teleport on the block

 - Electricity wand : right clic on a bloc to strike lightningright clic on a redstone ore to turn it on and  right clic on a repeater to turn it on

 - Poison wand : item in inventory will give you the custom effects poison immunity, right clic on a bloc to place above poison fluid and hit a mob with the wand wiil add he poison effect


Project status
In development
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