SkayoBlocks Mod (Decorative Blocks Mod)

Published by BluriSkayo on Fri, 05/28/2021 - 01:16
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Hello! Today I want to share my first mod made with MCreator, and it is a Decorative Mod! It adds a new ore too!

It's not a big mod, but maybe it could get updated in the future, as for now, it adds everything that is shown in the images, enjoy!

It adds Agate Ore, which is a middle phase between iron and diamond, and also can be used to craft the new Agate Spear, which uses golden stars to attack enemies just as a bow!


Just Enough Items mod is recomended since it contains new recipes.

Modification files
skayoblocks1.1.jar - Changes: Fixed some names of certain items.424.46 KB

1.1: Changed some items.