Loot 'n' Booty (LNB)

Published by razar8 on Mon, 07/12/2021 - 19:20
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(scroll down to the [ * ] if you are uninterested in my quick rant about how I delayed a little too long)

Well I said I would make this mod a reality, and jeez did it take some time but I actually did it, I followed through and kept my word despite the fact that I said I'd do it by 2020 (and this is also the last time that year will be mentioned). And this was even before the whole plague-which-shall-not-be-mentioned broke out.

But alas I neither can't nor won't say that whole ...ordeal... was the reason why I took so long. I mean sure it was a major setback not only for me but for the entire planet, but hey, it's not like I do this in an office or anything (I have worked and continue to work on this project from the comfort of my gamer chair at home), so I definitely will take blame for forgetting that this thing even existed working a little more on this project than usual. But as Papa Nintendo himself once said,

“A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever.”
Shigeru Miyamoto

(yes i know he's talking about a full-on videogame and not a tiny minecraft mod but who cares just go with it)

OK maybe you still might not know what I was just talking about, even after soaking up all that information via osmosis. So basically, a little while ago back in 2019 (a little over two years as of writing this), I said something like "Y'know what I'll just settle down and try to take my time with mod making instead of rushing myself for a product". And guess what? That's pretty much what I did. So yeah, a promise is a promise, I present to you the Loot 'n' Booty mod, or just LNB for short. Fell free to take a gander:

 [ * ] This mod is kind of a somewhat unique mod, in the context of what I already made that is. It takes inspiration from my previous creations (most notably Dead-Craft and TMA), a lot of those pretty much fell short of my grand idea. Thus, you might see some things that carried over. For example, one of the materials this mod includes is Bluesteel, which actually started as a recreation of Cobalt from Dead-Craft. Another cool thing is the set of electronic parts like powercells and wires, which are (you guessed it) taken from TMA. There's a lot of unrelated things in this mod, but overall LNB just boils down to materials and equipment. There are a lot of neat things in here, and to really enjoy it all you just need to see it for yourself. I really think that those two years were really worth it, and I went through a lot of versions to perfect the idea. In fact, this version I'm posting is called Redux, and it's the most recent development. The others? well, if anybody really wants me to I could start work on those again and post them as separate mods maybe. otherwise I honestly have no intention to finish them.

Anyways, here is some notable stuff, in no particular order:

  • custom music
    • I actually not only make mods and the textures in my mods, but I also make music too.
    • you can find some of my tracks here as music discs and ambient music
  • custom 3D models
    • I know this may be a stretch for just an average MCreator mod, but I also made decent (I think so at least) models for whatever I thought needed them.
    • the most notable custom models belong to the familiar-looking arm cannons
  • references
    • you might recognize some things here
  • familiar-looking arm cannons with familiar-looking cool powers
    • mounted on the arms of familiar-looking blue robots
    • if you know, you know
    • here's a bit of trivia, those things were actually the first elements I put into the project. in fact, the whole Bluesteel Tech Lore (which includes this family of weapons) is basically the groundwork for LNB Redux looking back on it now.
  • new ores that for once actually do not generate in absurd amounts (thank you MCreator hints)
    • I even put up a cool screenshot of all the ores so far, you can read more on the important ones down the list
  • lots of complicated crafting recipes, so probably install JEI (not sponsored) with this mod, if you haven't already.
  • a (very vague albeit somewhat linear) sense of progression
    • Okay listen, don't even get me started on the entirety of this mod's linear progression (which isn't even finished yet!) unless you wanna help me write a whole book, alright? alright.
    • Instead, here's here's this watered-down diet-coke version of the main progression this mod pushes, which is in fact only one (and probably the most complicated) of the ways you could go about this absurd pixel spaghetti I put together:
      • iron + stick = hammer
      • hammer + iron ingot = iron dust
      • hammer + coal = carbon
      • hammer + iron dust + carbon = steel compound
      • steel compound + cook for 10 seconds = steel ingot
      • hammer + lapis lazuli = lapis dust
      • hammer + steel dust + lapis dust = bluesteel compound
      • bluesteel compound + blast for 5 seconds = bluesteel ingot
      • bluesteel ingot + crafting table = bluesteel thing
      • glowy blue reed = skyglow dust
      • skyglow dust x4 = skyglowstone
      • some different powders + water bucket = bucket of holy water
      • skyglowstone + shape of a nether portal + holy water bucket = portal to the bootleg aether Altitude Limit dimension
      • shameless ripoff of the aether Altitude Limit dimension + shiny yellow ore in blue rock = aetherdust
      • hammer + aetherdust + steel dust = aethersteel compound
      • aethersteel compound + blast for 5 seconds = aethersteel ingot
      • bluesteel thing + aethersteel ingot + smithing table = aethersteel thing
      • repeat until amount of over-powered completely-reasonably-powered endgame material that is extremely powerful definitely not too powerful and is definitely meant to be in no way meant to be a flex towards Mojang is satisfactory
      • utterly obliterate have a fair fight with the completely unsuspecting definitely prepared baby miniboss of a dragon at this point definitely still challenging endgame boss, and finally after all your pointless grinding hard work, reap the rewards you got from downloading this mod to make up for lack of skill fighting fair and square with no loss of difficulty whatsoever.
      • profit
      • sit and wonder what to do with yourself post-end
  • emerald armor/tools, 'nuff said.
    • actually, if you do care, I'll let you in on a cool fact. I made it so that emerald armor actually has less protection value than diamond (being a weaker gem), but it makes up for it with higher armor toughness. something to consider i guess.
    • emerald equipment is made of a highly valuable gem (emerald), thus, emerald equipment is an investment. It has less durability than diamond, but it does have a higher enchantability than diamond equipment. Just think of it as a higher-tier gold alternative. If you can manage something like that, then by all means, go for it.
    • emerald stuff is forged from diamond stuff like netherite is, meaning you keep your stats from the previous equipment, which I think is just a really neat concept.
  • (pre-1.17) copper stuff.
    • copper is basically one of the more important materials here, being a key component in electronics crafting.
    • yes, if ever MCreator supports 1.17+ (which I imagine it will sometime in the future), I will definitely take the actions necessary to integrate LNB copper with vanilla copper smoothly. 
    • copper equipment is a little lower-tier than iron is, putting it in the comfortable spot somewhere between iron and leather. so if I'm being honest there really isn't any need to craft copper stuff, not yet at least. I just felt like all the (durable) metal materials needed a little more consistency, that's all. on the other hand though, it does look kinda cool in my completely un-biased creator's opinion, so maybe just think of it like a less-squishy gold alternative, in terms of being flashy and stuff (if you could even consider copper flashy and stuff).
  • sulfur, the veteran Minecrafter's old friend.
    • if you know some old minecraft trivia, you'll definitely recognize this stuff.
    • now it actually has a use other than just being gunpowder like it would have before it was scrapped
    • If you're keen with the eye you can spot sulfur ore underground and in the nether, which can be used to make some cool stuff. It's a fairly recent addition to the project, so I'm still figuring out what to do with it. feel free to put your sulfur opinions anywhere i can see them, i guess
  • more tree types that spawn in their dedicated biomes.
    • ok so we got Sapwood which spawns in Sap forests, and Mangowood which spawns in Mango forests (go figure).
    • you can collect sap from sapwood logs with a steel tap and some potion bottles.
      • fun fact this whole idea of the LNB mod and particularly Sapwood trees was being developed since 1.12, so I guess you could say I had the idea of a yellow edible liquid (honey) before Mojang did.
      • but then bees got added and I had to change the name so yeah
    • Mangowood leaves drop mangoes. What an idea, huh? anyway you can take one and make it into a mango but on fire, which is the key ingredient for a certain upgrade for a certain weapon. Hey I ain't tellin', you gotta go figure it out for yourself or just look it up with JEI.


I guess that about does it for the description. but really, this stuff is only a few of the things you could find if you're actually in-game. I mean I could just document everything, but I really just don't feel like describing every single thing here. this project is huge, you could get lost in all this stuff like a kid in a soft play area, that is if this project was a soft play area.

'nuff said. but hey, thanks for taking time out of your day to read all the way to the bottom if that means anything.

Modification files
LNBRedux-v1.3.1 (1.16.5).jar - latest - v1.3.1 (MC-1.16.5)4.94 MB
LNBRedux-v1.2.3 (1.16.5).jar - v1.2.3 (MC-1.16.5)2.96 MB
LNBRedux-v1.1.0 (1.16.5).jar - v1.1.0 (MC-1.16.5)1.77 MB

Noteworthy Stuff Changelog:

  • version 1.3.1:
    • posted to MCreator.net
    • charcoal logs now replace charcoal when smelting logs in a furnace
      • they're just regular logs but a lil burnt
      • you can craft them into 6 charcoal or just use them as fuel
      • notes: "I always thought that charcoal was kind of a ripoff. I mean, you put a whole log in there and it only gives you one charcoal back? well not anymore, enjoy"