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With an Obsidaton King and Amethyst bling, Alfamod brings much more life to the vast world of minecraft. There are new ores, new weapons, new dimensions, and so much more!

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Sidenote: Dont ask for a ruby ore. Theres not supposed to be one. Rubys are just there so they can be less useless.

Modification files - Adds stuff. Lots of it.Uploaded on: 03/27/2018 - 01:44   File size: 624.49 KB
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Hey! Guess what? Mcreator is a dick when I have to reinstall it so now I have to completely remake it for 1.12! (here's a hint, im removing a bunch of shit)

that tree well it grow want it look nice only i don't know how to grow tee i look up on youtube and i found noting

It seems a nice mod. Can you write a longer description or add more screenshots?