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Published by bazkko on Tue, 07/13/2021 - 23:17
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this mod adds  8 new types of weapons, all of them have unique features. four of them can be crafted with the regular minecraft materials (wood, stone, iron and diamond) whereas the other 4 are quite harder to craft, however these have unique powers and are much more powerful than any other regular weapon.

the common weapons are:

Bone breaker: an heavy and slow weapon wich applies  "incapacitation" on hit (a debuff wich doesnt allow the enemy running).

Spear: its a melee weapon wich can also be used as a ranger item such as bow.

Chopper: a sharped sword wich applies "bleeding" (a debuff that deal damage over time, but if you have low health it will deal more damage )on hit.

Sai:  this is probably the most complex common weapon, it´s a fast weapon wich applies the "expose effect" when you hit an enemy, if you hit an "exposed" enemy, you will deal extra damage to him, but he will be no longer exposed.


The legendary weapons are:

Ares Warhammer: a heavy hammer that deal an insane damage and incapacitates de enemy. When you press right click you will get a shout gettinghuge buff and summonig a lightning (this ability has a large cooldown).

Thunder spear: this spear is much faster than the regular ones, when it hits an enemy it applies to it the "electrified" (a debuff that makes increases the chance of getting striked by a lighting during rain, it increases even more during thunderstorms) estatus effect and has a chance of summoning rain.

Crimsom sword: a short durability sword wich aplies bleeding to enemies and has many lifesteal, you can right click to repair the sword by dealing some damage to yourself

Night edge: a incredibly fast sword wich exposes enemies and allows you to run faster and be invisible briefly by clicking right click (this ability has a short cooldown).


Im happy to recieve constructive criticism and feedback. At the moment the mod is only in Spanish since originaly this mod wasn´t meant to be published, however i will translate it as soon as i can.


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